Endocrine System

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EndocrineMaintains homeostasis. Ex. Growth rate, body temp, hunger feelings. HormoneChemical messenger, that secretes into blood by an endocrine gland. GlandSecretes chemical substances used by the body

Exocrine glandSecretes chemical substances into a duct
Endocrine glandDuctless glands that secrete hormones
Target cellCell on which the hormone exerts an effect
Affects of hormonesActivation or inactivation of enzymes, stimulates mitosis, plasma membrane permeability change, synthesis of proteins or enzymes in the cell. Hormone mechanismsSteroid or nonsteroid hormones

Steroid hormonesDiffuse plasma membrane, enter nucleus, bind, synthesis of receptors, hormone receptor complex binds DNA, activates genes, proteins made. Non steroid hormonesBind receptor on plasma membrane, starts series of reactioms that activates enzymes, enzyme catalyzes another reaction which produces a 2nd messenger, 2nd messenger elicits a response by the cell StimuliHormones- most common, activated by other hormones.

Humoral- changes in blood levels of ioms and nutrients.
Neural- stimulated by nerve fibers.
Major endocrine glandsPituitary/hypothalamus, thyroid, para thyroid, adrenal, pineal, thymus pancreas, gonads. PituitaryOn the inferior surface of hypothalamus, master gland, it controls activity of many other glands, makes 6 hormones. TropicStimulate target organs to secrete hormones

Pituitary hormonesGrowth, prolactin, adrenocorticotropic, thyrotropic, gonadotropic, FSH. ProlactinTarget: breasts effect: stimulates milk production. Anterior lobe of pituitary
AdrenocortiotropicRegulates activity of cortex portion of adrenal gland. Anterior lobe of pituitary
ThyrotropicTSH-thyroid stimulating hormone. Influences growth and activity of thyroid. Anterior lobe of pituitary GonadotropicTarget: gonads
Effect: regulates hormone activity. Anterior lobe of pituitary FSHStimulates production of ovum and sperm. Anterior lobe of pituitary Growth hormonesSkeletal...
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