Enders Game Notec Chapter 1-7

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Chapter 1-Third
* Andrew (Ender)- main character, a third
* Deedee-nurse
* Peter-Enders’s older brother, evil
* Doctor- took monitor from Ender
* Bugger
* Miss.Pumphrey-Ender’s teacher
* Stilson- boy that Ender beat up
* Valentine
* Doctor’s office
* Miss.Pumphrey’s Class
* Bus stop
Society Things:
* Monitor-in the neck, can see and hear what the person wearing it sees or hears * Third- the third child in a family, this is outlawed
The monitor is removed from Ender’s neck. Ender dreams of having a relationship with Peter. Ender goes to school but can’t focus and is made fun of. Ender beats up Stilson for making fun of him being a third.

Chapter 2: Peter
* Ender- third child
* Valentine- Ender’s older sister, kind
* Peter- evil, a planner
* Mother- the kids mom
* Father- the kids dad
* Home
Society Things
* Buggers and astronauts game
* Peter-beautiful 10 year old boy with dark thick hair and a face that could have belonged to Alexander the Great * Peter- planner and thinks about the long time not short time Summary:
Peter, Ender and Valentine are home alone. Peter talks about how Ender is now normal. The boys play the Buggers and Astronauts game. Peter wins. Peter talks about how he will kill Ender one day but no one will know it was him.

Chapter 3: Graff
* Ender
* Mother
* Peter
* Father
* Valentine
* Colonel Hyrum Graff
Society Things
* The I.F. (International Fleet)
* Noncomplying Families Act
* Battle Room
* Battle school
* Buggers
* War games- all the boys are organize into armies. Day after day, in zero gravity, there are mock battles. Nobody gets hurt but winning and losing matters. Summary:
* Ender’s family starts out all together. Then the doorbell rings and Dad answers the door. It is Colonel Hyrum Graff. He wants to speak to ender about battle school. Ender knows the dangers but decides to go to battle school. He leaves his family and goes with Graff.

Chapter 4: Launch
* Ender
* Graff( Principal at Training Camp)
* TV Guy
* Anderson
* Bus to rocket
* Rocket
Society things:
* Zero gravity training camp
* Ender goes to leave for training camp and when he is with all the other boys they have a joy that Ender lacks. TV crews film their departure. And once on the rocket Graff praises Enders brain. And so the other boys make fun of Ender so Ender breaks a kid’s left arm. Now they are semi scared of Ender until they think that he is a teacher’s boy when he talks to Graff.

Chapter 5: Games
* Ender
* Dap(room mom, boy)
* Mick(older boy who gives advice to Ender)
* Bernard(boy that got his arm broken by Ender, evil)
* Shen( boy who Bernard picks on, Worm)
* The boys rooms
* The game room
Society things:
* Color code- red, yellow, yellow
* Holographic games
* Uniforms
* The boys get to training camp and get assigned rooms. Then the boys go to the cafeteria where Ender meets Mick who gives advice to Ender. Later they go to the game room where Ender beats an older boy at a holographic game. Then in class Ender sends notes on the desks as God. But then he sends one as Bernard. And that gives Bernard the name of Butt Watcher. Ender becomes friends with Shen. Chapter 6- The Giant’s Drink

* Ender
* Shen
* Bernard
* Alai
* Dap
* Giant
* Battle room
* Bedroom
* The game
Society things:
* freeze guns
* No socks
* Alai is launch leader
* Game steps- mouse hole, garden bridge, landslide, Giant, Fairyland * Ender killed Giant by clawing his eyes out
* First they mess around in the battle room. Then Ender meets Alai and they practice...
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