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It is most important for the EMT to remember that the suicidal patient may be homicidal as well.

Successful treatment of a stroke depends on whether thrombolytic therapy is given within 3 hours after symptoms begin.

You are transporting a male with “tearing” abdominal pain. You are approximately 30 miles away from the closet hospital. During your reassessment, you determine that the patient’s condition has deteriorated significantly. You should consider requesting a rendezous with ALS.

The most basic functions of the body such as breathing, blood pressure and swallowing are controlled by the brain stem.

When assessing a patient with a behavioral crisis, you should be direct and clearly state your intentions.

Solid abdominal organs include the spleen, kidneys, liver, pancreas.

A generalized seizure is characterized as severe twitching of all the body’s muscles.

The parietal peritoneum lines the walls of the abdominal cavity.

An area of swelling or enlargement in a weakened arterial wall is called an aneurysm.

Esophageal varices most commonly occur in patients who drink a lot of alcohol.

The spinal cord exits the cranium through the foramen magnum.

Patients with acute abdominal pain should not be given anything to eat or drink because substances in the stomach increase the risk of aspiration.

Organic brain syndrome is most accurately defined as a dysfunction of the brain caused by abnormal physical or physiological function.

You are assessing a conscious male with a sudden change in behavior. The following clinical finding that is most suggestive of dysfunction of this patient’s central nervous system is rapid eye movement. The most important treatment for a patient with severe abdominal pain and signs of shock includes transporting this patient without delay.

The term behavioral crisis is most accurately defined as any reaction that interferes with activities of daily living or is deemed unacceptable by others.

Hypovolemia is the condition that is least likely to mimic the signs and symptoms of a stroke.

The liver is most likely to bleed profusely if injured.

The mental status of patient who experiences a seizure is likely to improve over a period of 5 - 30 minutes.

Elderly patients with abdominal problems may not exhibit the same pain response as younger patients because of age related deterioration of their sensory systems.

Cincinnatti Stroke Scale involves 4 assessments:
Time last seen normal
facial droop
arm drift
The sky is blue in Cincinnatti

Excessive eating caused by cellular hunger is called polyphagia.

You are assessing a patient who complains of chest pressure that began the night before. He is conscious, but anxious, and tells you he has a history of angina and hypertension. After applying high-flow oxygen, you expose his chest to auscultate his lungs and note that he has a nitro patch on his right upper chest. His skin is cool and pale, his bp is 78/50mm Hg, and his pulse is 110 beats/min and irregular. You should remove the nitro patch, place him in a supine position and elevate his lower extremities, and prepare for immediate transport.

In general, injected poisons are impossible to dilute or remove because they are usually absorbed quickly into the body.

Uticaria is the medical for hives.

Type 1 diabetes is a condition where the patient produces no insulin in their body. A person who routinely misuses a substance and requires increasing amounts to achieve the same effect is experiencing tolerance.

A patient’s refusal for EMS treatment and/or transport must be an informed refusal.

The following negative effect of anaphalyxsis will be most rapidly fatal if not treated immediately is upper airway swelling.

Acute coronary syndrome is a term used to describe a group of symptoms that are caused by myocardial ischemia.

Nitro usually relieves angina chest pain within 5 minutes.

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