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Programming in C# Jump Start

Jerry Nixon | Microsoft Developer Evangelist Daren May | President & Co-founder, Crank211

Meet Jerry Nixon | Colorado
• Microsoft Developer Evangelist
– Reaching Professional & Student Communities – Teaching Developers about Windows Phone – Teaching Developers about Windows 8 – Teaching Developers about XAML

http://jerrynixon.com @jerrynixon

Meet Daren May | @darenmay
• President & Co-founder, Crank211
– Specializes in designing and building next-level digital experiences

• Prior to starting Crank211…
– CTO and VP Operations for software consultancy – Practice lead for EMC Consulting – Leveraged Microsoft technologies since Visual Studio .NET betas – Developing XAML-based solutions since the heady days of “Avalon” (the early name for WPF)

Agenda for the Day
First Half | Features of C# 01 | Object Oriented Programming, Managed Languages and C# 02 | Constructing Complex Types; Object Interfaces and Inheritance 03 | Code Reflection and Information; Working with Garbage Collection 04 | Controlling Programmatic Flow; Manipulating Types and Strings ** MEAL BREAK ** Second Half | Advanced C# 05 | Advanced C#, Type and Value Validation; Encryption Techniques 06 | Splitting Assemblies and WinMD; Diagnostics and Instrumentation 07 | Interacting with the File System; Leveraging Web Services 08 | Using LINQ to Objects and XML; Fundamentals of Serialization

Setting Expectations
• Seasoned to Intermediate Developers
– Accelerated coverage of C# fundamentals expected on Microsoft Exam 70-483

• Suggested Prerequisites/Supporting Material
– Accelerated version of Microsoft course 20483B, a five-day course (which includes hands-on labs). – We recommend developers new to C# or who need hands-on experiences take this course with a Microsoft Learning Partner

Join the MVA Community!
• Microsoft Virtual Academy
– Free online learning tailored for IT Pros and Developers – Over 1M registered users – Up-to-date, relevant training on variety of Microsoft products

• “Earn while you learn!”
– Get 50 MVA Points for this event! – Visit http://aka.ms/MVA-Voucher – Enter this code: ProgC#Jump (expires 3/29/2013)

Download Code Samples
• Visit xamlShow on CodePlex
– http://xaml.codeplex.com – Bookmark this link

• “Microsoft Virtual Academy” section…
– Click “Download C Sharp Demos” link – This link will change, so click the link from http://xaml.codeplex.com each time

01 | Object Oriented Programming, Managed Languages and C#

Jerry Nixon | Microsoft Developer Evangelist Daren May | President & Co-founder, Crank211

Module Agenda
• Object Oriented Programming • What is a Managed Languages • Why C# for OOP?

Microsoft Virtual Academy

Object Oriented Programming

What is an Object?
• An object typically models a concept:
– An object usually “is” something – i.e. a customer – An object usually “has” data – i.e. the customer’s first name – An object usually “performs” actions – i.e. make a customer “preferred”

What is Object Oriented Programming?
• To be object oriented, a language is designed around the concept of objects. that are something, have certain properties and exhibit certain behaviors. This means the language generally includes support for: – Encapsulation – Inheritance – Polymorphism

Microsoft Virtual Academy

What is a Managed Language?

What is a Managed Language?
• Managed languages depend on services provided by a runtime environment. • C# is one of many languages that compile into managed code. • Managed code is executed by the Common Language Runtime (CLR). • The CLR provides features such as: – Automatic memory management – Exception Handling – Standard Types – Security

Why Standard Types
• Foundational building block is a Type
– Metadata about space allocation – Metadata for compile-time type checking

• All types have a common base - Object
– Object defines ToString, so every object has a ToString function

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