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Section 1: Multiple Choice Questions (2 points each, 40 points total) 1.The company intranet is typically accessible by ____

2.A retired accountant with very basic IT knowledge started a business to provide video training over the internet. The best technology you would recommend for that person to get the business started quickly and with minimum capital is _____ a.A Public Cloud to host web site.

3.An OLTP (Online transaction processing) system processes TPS data _____ a.in real time mode

4.The five major components, hardware, software, networks and communication facilities, databases, and information management personnel, are supported by an organization’s ____ a.information technology infrastructure

5.The _______ idea is to store applications and information in the vendors’ data centers rather than on local company-owned servers. a.Cloud

6._____ is an increasingly popular IT model in which software is available to users as needed. a.Software as a service (SaaS)

7.Which of the following is not a component of an information system? a.Input

8.What has made location practically irrelevant to doing business? a.widespread use of mobile devices

9.For most organizations, if their computer networks go down, __________. a.so does the business

10.What is the goal of data management?
a.To provide the infrastructure and tools to transform raw data into usable corporate information of the highest quality.

11.In the healthcare industry, data errors __________.
a.increase healthcare costs by billions of dollars

12. __________ is a structured approach for capturing, storing, processing, integrating, distributing, securing, and archiving data effectively throughout their life cycle. a.Data management

13. All companies create __________, which are documents that record business activities and functions such as contracts, research and development, accounting source documents, memos, and customer/client communications. a.business records

14.Cloud computing environments are built using _______.
a.Virtualization technologies

15.To be retrievable, a company’s electronic records must be __________ like structured data in a database. a.organized and indexed

16.A key benefit of virtualization technology is that it allows an IT organization to a.Reduce energy cost for IT infrastructure.

17.“Microsoft SkyDrive” can be best described as a
a.Consumer cloud storage solution.
18.Information is ____ that has been processed, organized, or put into context so that it has meaning and value to the person receiving it. a.Data

19.Which of the following is not an emerging technology in regards to digital enterprise a.Transaction Processing.

20.Salesforce.com provides
a.CRM Software As A Service (SaaS) solutions.
Section 2: Identify whether the following statements are true of false (2 points each, Total 20 points) 1.Data that are accurate, timely, and clean might not be usable if people do not get data in the format they need to do their jobs. (TRUE)

2.There are 3 major types of virtualization – Storage, Network, and Hardware. (TRUE)

3.A Private cloud solution is more secure than a public cloud solution. (TRUE)

4.Cloud solutions are typically used to create database management systems. (FALSE )

5.Public cloud solution is suitable for US department of homeland to replace its IT infrastructure.

6.Rackspace.com main business is to provide virtualization technology products. (FALSE )

7.Data synchronization is a function of a Database Management System. (TRUE)

8.Data stored in a data warehouse is updated by transaction processing systems. (FALSE )

9.Data Marts are typically used to store and manage electronic documents in a company. (FALSE )

10.Microsoft office 365 is an example of...
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