Effective Training: Systems Strategies and Practices

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1.Which of the following is evidence supporting the assertion that companies are investing in more training? A)Higher net sales per employee
B)Higher gross profits per employee
C)Higher ratios of market to book value
D)Both A & B
E)All of the above (easy; p.4)

2.In an open system model which of the following statements is not true? A)Open systems have a dynamic relationship with their environment. B)Open systems may exist as part of another open system.

C)The system is open to influences from its environment.
D)Inputs are transformed into outputs through a process.
E)All of the above are true.(moderate, p.4-5)

3.Viewing training as a subsystem of an organizational system, the inputs into the training subsystem include an organization's A)strategies.
E)all of the above (easy; p.5)

4.In the training model a triggering event is
A)an organizational performance deficit. (easy; p.6-7)
B)a signal that training has been successful.
C)a type of behavioral based evaluation.
D)input into the development phase of training.
E)None of the above.

5.Input into the developmental phase of the training model comes from A)needs analysis.
D)both B & C. (challenging, p.7)
E)none of the above.

6.In the evaluation of training, a determination of whether the trainer actually covered all aspects of the training as designed is called A)outcome evaluation.
C)phase evaluation.
D)process evaluation. (moderate; p.9)
E)procedural evaluation.

7.In the training process model, evaluation occurs at which point? A)After the design phase
B)After the implementation phase
C)After the development phase
D)All of the above (moderate; p.9)

8.Which of the following sources is an input to the analysis process? A)The organization structure
B)Problematic operational areas
C)The people within the operational areas
D)Both B & C
E)All of the above (challenging; p.7-8)

9.All aspects of the training program come together in the
A)design phase.
B)evaluation phase.
C)development phase.
D)analysis phase.
E)none of the above. (challenging; p.8)

10.When evaluating training, the major type of evaluation to consider is A)process evaluation.
B)analysis evaluation.
C)outcome evaluation.
D)both A & C. (easy; p.9)
E)both B & C.

11.Which of the following statements is not true? The advancement of technology has allowed for A)many employees to be able to work outside company walls
B)new workflow systems
C)less requirement for worker knowledge (moderate; p.11)
D)both A & B are not true
E)all of the above are not true

12.Which of the following are predicted to contribute to a labor shortage in the next 10 years? (challenging, p. 11) A)Baby boomers will retire
B)Changes in technology
C)Need for retraining
D)Both A and B
E)All of the above

13.Which of these steps is part of the continuous improvement model? (easy, p. 12-13) A)Gap analysis
C)Process mapping
D)Higher productivity
E)None of the above

14.What is ISO 9000?
A)A series of standards to assure consistency in product quality. (easy; p.13) B)An HR software package.
C)A quality standard set by the Japanese.
D)A strategic quality forecasting model.
E)All of the above.

15.ISO certified companies
A)have lower than normal training costs.
B)are six times less likely to experience bankruptcy.
C)have 36 percent less bureaucracy within their company structure. D)both B & C. (moderate; p.13)
E)All of the above.

16.When comparing ISO certified companies with companies that were not certified, the text noted that ISO certified companies A)have employees who are more satisfied with their jobs.
B)have more bureaucracy set up to meet all the ISO standards....
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