Effective Memory and Study Strategies

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Session 2: Effective Memory and Study Strategies

At the end of the session, the participants should be able to: 1. Exhibit increased awareness of the factors that affect their learning, especially in terms of the conditions in which they process and store information in memory 2. Relate the realizations they had to specific experiences in studying and suggest ways on how to improve on these aspects

Time: 10-15 minutes
● The students will be asked to imitate the facilitator’s dance moves which gradually increase in difficulty.
● Those who will not be able to follow the dance moves in each round will be eliminated until one or only a few remain.

Activity II-1
Title: “Pic-Cha-nary” (Pictionary + Charades)
Time: 20-30 minutes
Materials: whiteboard, whiteboard markers (or blackboard & chalk, paper & markers), strips of paper with words to be drawn or acted out, container, camera and timer (optional: candies) Process:
● The students will be grouped together in order to facilitate the activity. The number of groups will depend on the number of people in the room. Ideally, there will be two groups.
● Each group will be asked to send out one representative, in alternating turns, for five rounds. The representatives will then be asked to randomly select a piece of paper from a container. Written on the pieces of paper are words that they must either act out or draw (using the whiteboard & marker); the goal of each group is to successfully identify this unknown word within the allotted time (i.e. one minute). ● The group with the most number of points (i.e. correct answers) wins the game. (optional: winners will be given a small prize.)

Learning Points:
● Acting out or coming up with images that serve to illustrate the given words involves drawing from prior experience of what the particular concepts are about. Such practice helps the students performing the act elaborate more on what they know about the concepts and...
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