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Course Information
Course:EDU701 Education and Human Development
Semester:Sep 2013Year: 2013Phone: 03-55227401
Core Person
/Instructor:Associate Prof. Dr. Ros Aizan YahayaEmail: Office HoursBy Appointment
Fagerlind, Ingemar and Saha, Lawrence, J. (1986). Education and National Development: A Comparative Perspective, New York: Pergamon Press. Ohmahe, Kenichi (1991), Beyond National Borders, Tokyo: Bantam Books. Olson, David, R. (Ed) Torrance, N. (Ed) (1999). Handbook of Education and Human Development: New Models of Learning, Teaching and Schooling: New York: Pearson Pub. UNESCO (2005): Education for Human Development. Brasilia: Ayrton Semne Institute. UNESCO (2011): Towards the Millennium Development Goals. Brasilia: Ayrton Semne Institute. Ministry of Education Malaysia (2001), Education in Malaysia: Journey to Excellence, Kuala Lumpur. Mohamed, Mahathir (1991), Malaysia: The Way Forward. Paper presented at the Malaysian Business Council. Nisbitt, J. and Baurdene, P. (2000), Megatrends, Aron Book.

Selected articles from academic journals.

Course Description

This course discusses the philosophy and foundation of human development and education. Issues that will be covered include life-long learning, gender, globalization, inclusive education, poverty and children at risk, sexuality education, social and emotional literacy. The focus of the course is to examine the past and the present strengths and weaknesses developed and implemented locally and internationally, pertaining to the above issues, in order to generate better trends for the future. This course is relevant for all education students pursuing studies at the master’s level as it exposes the students to educational issues which are relevant to them regardless of their respective field of education. The learners should expect a lot of independent reading, class discussions and group study.

The mode of delivery will be lectures, seminars, group discussions, case study/problem-based learning and presentations.

Course Outcomes
Upon completion of EDU 701 a student will be able to:
discuss the relationship between education and human development. •analyze the interacting contributions of biology and environment to the developing human beings. •analyze the impact of national policies on education and human development. •evaluate the impact of education in nation building.

discuss current issues in national and international education.

Assessment MethodsMethodsWeightCO1CO2CO3CO4CO5
Seminar & Presentation (individual) (S&P)20%XXXXX
Case Study / PBL (Group)20%XXX
Quiz (Individual) (Q)30%XX
Project (Final Assessment – Individual) (FA)30%XXXXX

Program OutcomesPO1PO2PO3PO4PO5PO6PO7PO8PO9

Program Outcomes
1.Subject knowledge and skills
2.Practical/Professional skills
3.Thinking and scientific skills
4.Communication skills
5.Social skills, teamwork and responsibilities
6.Values, ethics, moral and professionalism
7.Information management and lifelong learning
8.Management and entrepreneurship
9.Leadership skills

Soft Skills
1.Communication Skills (CS)
2.Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills (CTPS)
3.Life-long learning and informational Management (LLIM)
4.Team work (TS)
5.Entrepreneurship (ES)
6.Professional Ethics and Moral (EM)
7.Leadership Skills

Course Content

1.What is education and why education is essential for human life 2.Recent theoretical perspectives in human development: information processing; Vygotsky’s socio-cultural theory; Erikson’s social cognitive theory and Bronfenbrenner’s ecological system. 3.Education and national development: The Way Forward – the Vision 2020 and strategies of education in Malaysia. 4.Andragogy and...
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