EDC1015 - MAY JUN 2011

Topics: Existentialism, Philosophy, Emotion Pages: 2 (569 words) Published: November 5, 2013
EDC1015 – MAY / JUN 2011

QUESTION 1 – Spreadsheet

QUESTION 1.1 – 3 main claims made by feminism ?????
only women have the right to get pregnant and bear children. Some are pro-choice others are pro-life women are people in their own right
women should reject definitions of what makes a woman valuable

QUESTION 1.2 – 4 reasons why critical theory may fail to help us it can become fanatical
it is sometimes too simplistic in its analysis of power
it can be too idealistic
it may lead to despair and violence
it tends to ignore human emotions and desires
it can be a very grim philosophy

QUESTION 1.3 – What Q does African Philosphy ask when trying to find the truth How should we understand the universe?
Who and what is God?
Who is my neighbour?
What is my duty to my community?
How should my community be governed and led?

QUESTION 1.4 – False statements
a) name-calling : attacking the person and not their opinion b) false cause-and-effect : falsely claiming that an action has, or will have, a certain effect c) appeal to emotion (fear) : appeals to emotion are the easiest type of false argument to spot

QUESTION 1.5 – Nihilism opposite of Exstentialism
It means the philosophy of nothing whereas existentialism says we should discover the meaning of life Existentialists are looking for a way out of man’s inhumanity to man. Our suffering may not have any “higher” or ultimate cosmological value, but it is suffering none-the-less.  The Existentialist says, even if there is no higher meaning, even if existence is ultimately absurd, we are still “forced” by existence (the fact that we are alive) and chance to live out our days. We cannot blame God for the Holocaust; thus, we must blame ourselves when horror occurs, and we must look to ourselves to ensure such horror happens rarely The nihilist says "There is no god, no heaven or hell, so screw it: there can be no right or wrong. Let's party!"  The Existentialist says "There is...
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