ECT Compass report

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Compass Project
Final Report

By Carson Bell
February 2013
ECT295L Applied Project Lab
DeVry University – Online

Presented to Professor John Golzy

The purpose of this paper is to explain how to build a digital compass and program the pic16f72 microchip, which will result in a fully functional directional compass. Additionally, I will discuss how I then modified the circuit board, as well as the software, in order for the digital compass to display arrows that point North when rotated in every direction.

Table of Contents
Introduction__________________________________________________________p. #4 Hardware List p. #4 a. DeVry compass kit

b. DMM
c. EB006 E-Block programmer board w/ USB and power supply
d. Computer
Software List p. #5 a. Flowcode
b. PPP v.3 PIC micro programmer
Project Description____________________________________________________p. #5 Assembly and Initial Programming p. #5-7 a. Compass kit

b. Flowcode
c. PPP
Modifications p. #8-11 a. Hardware
b. Software
Conclusion____________________________________________________________p. #11

References____________________________________________________________p. #12

The compass kit used in this project was ordered through the DeVry bookstore: 32DVRCOMPASSR1. The heart of this project is the Dinsmore 1490 sensor compass module. When rotated, it displays the position of the four cardinal points on the compass: N, S, E, and W as well as the intermediate directions: NE, NW, SE, and SW. The signal from the module is controlled by the program in the pic16f72 microchip. After the program has been executed, a signal is then sent to the appropriate LED lights on the dual display component. Hardware List

The hardware used throughout this project consists of the following: DeVry compass kit
EB006 E-block programmer board w/ USB and power supply
The compass kit includes various components, but not all were used in this particular project. The main components used consist of the following: (2) 10pf Ceramic Capacitors

(1) 1x2 Jumper
(1) 100K SIP (8,7) network
(1) 10x2 Female Header
(2) 1mf Mono Capacitors
(1) Shorting Bar: long bar
(1) 5 Volt Regulator 78L05
(1) Compass module: Sensor 1490
(2) 220 ohm, 1/4W
(1) 10K ohm, 1/4W
(1) 9V battery

(1) 10mf electro capacitor
(1) 9V battery connector
(1) Dual alphanumeric display

(1) Solder Tube
(1) 16f72 microchip
(1) PCB

Software List
The software used consists of the following:
PPP v.3 PIC micro programmer
The Flowcode software is used to create the program and the PPP (PICmicro Parallel Programmer) is used to download the program to the pic16f72 microchip, using the EB006 E-Block programmer board w/ USB and power supply.

Project Description
Assembly and Initial Programming
DeVry compass kit: upon receiving the compass kit, it is important to verify all components have been received, which can be verified using the parts list obtained in the kit box. Once verified, all the components (listed on page 2) are ready to be soldered onto the circuit board. There is no schematic supplied. The student must assemble using the information given, which is the parts lists and a picture of the completed board (shown in fig. 1).

Figure 1: Completed PCB (week 3 lecture)

Additionally, the Professor added videos of how to get the compass module easily installed. The compass module was the first component soldered to the circuit board. The reason for soldering this component first, was to make...
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