Topics: All My Sons, Guilt, Arthur Miller Pages: 2 (712 words) Published: October 20, 2014

Running Head: All My Sons
All My Sons
Gwen Hopkins
June 11, 2014
HUM 102
All My Sons
Arthur Miller’s “All My Sons,” is based on an American middleclass family, much like any other, they love and respect each other. They go about their daily lives, just as any other family does, but the Kellers have a secret. Joe Keller, the father, sold parts that were manufactured in his factory, that were defective. He stays home from work, the day the parts were shipped, and ordered his business partner to ship the parts. Keller was jailed, but found not guilty, allowing his partner to take the blame, and to be imprisoned. “Kate Keller, too, bears responsibility for the cover-up, but she participates in it, primarily, as a way to keep Larry alive in her mind,” (Jones, n.d.). Losing one of her sons, was too devastating for Kate to accept, therefore, it was easier for her to deny Larry’s death. “If she acknowledges Joe’s guilt, she will have to acknowledge that Larry crashed. Kate represents the intuitive and irrational. Her responsibility defies, and defines moral obligation,” (Jones, n.d.). Kate was not able to cope with Ann Deever’s presence, and regretted that she was there. Ann marrying Chris, was betrayal to Larry. Kate felt as though Ann should wait for Larry to return. Chris, who loves Ann, invited her to return to their hometown, to ask her to marry him. He loved Ann for a long time, but loves and respects his brother enough, not to pursue her as long as Larry is alive. “Chris is the idealist, who must come to grips with his parent’s human weakness. It can be said, that in idolizing his father, he sets up a barrier to the truth, and to exploring the notion of his father’s guilt, a possibility that must have occurred to him,” (Jones, n.d.). Considering Jones’ statement, Chris knew deep down inside, that his father is guilty. It wasn’t until George returned, that Chris has to allow his conscience...

Cited: Jones, Douglas A., Masterplots, Fourth Edition
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