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School of Business Administration & Accountancy
General Luna Road, Baguio City Philippines 2600


In pursuit of perfection, the University of Baguio is committed to provide balanced quality education by nurturing academic excellence, relevant social skills and ethical values in a fun-learning environment.


The University of Baguio educates individuals to be empowered professionals in the global community.


The University of Baguio aims to produce a graduate who:

1. exemplifies a higher standard of living;
2. manifest the mastery of relevant skills;
3. upholds a conduct that is rightful and just;
4. undertakes scientific and significant researches; 5. advocates sustainable programs for the community and the environment; and 6. leads and demonstrates exemplary performance in the field of specialization.

School of Business Administration & Accountancy
General Luna Road, Baguio City Philippines 2600


The School of Business Administration and Accountancy edifies competitive and morally upright individuals.


The School of Business Administration and Accountancy aims to produce a graduate who:

1. cultivates the knowledge that is imperative for success in a globalized setting; 2. displays expertise appropriate to the profession; 4. typifies professional integrity with humility; 5. undertakes researches to promote systematic bases for business decisions; 6. utilizes macro-environmental acumen for economic growth and development; and 6. exhibits commendable accomplishments in business and accountancy.

| | |UNIVERSITY GOALS | |SCHOOL/ PROGRAM OBJECTIVES | | | |The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program aims to produce a graduate who: |1 |2 |3 |4 |5 |6 | |P1. fosters the highest level of competence in the chosen career; |√ | | | | | | |P2. performs the requisite skills in the various business disciplines; |√ |√ | | | | | |P3. makes morally upright choices; |√ |v |√ | | | | |P4. undertakes significant researches employed in crafting of relevant business decisions; |√ |√ |√ |√ | | | |P5. takes personal initiative and responsibility through participation in community-related activities; and |√ |√ |√ |√ |√ | | |P6. contributes to successful business ventures by creditable work performance....

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