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1. The International Convention about wildlife protection is: Convention on Biological Diversity
Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, CITES Framework Convention on Climate Change
Convention on Ozone Layer Protection
Convention on Combat Desertification
2. The International Convention on control of persistent organic pollutants is: Stockholm convention
Montreal protocol
Convention on Biodiversity
Kyoto protocol
Convention on Combat Desertification
3. The International basic document about greenhouse gases control is: Kyoto protocol
Convention on Biodiversity
Montreal protocol
Stockholm convention on control of persistent organic pollutants Convention on Combat Desertification
4. The International basic document about ozone layer safety is: Montreal protocol
Convention on Biodiversity
Kyoto protocol
Stockholm convention on control of persistent organic pollutants Convention on Combat Desertification
5. The basic national current document about environment safety of Kazakhstan Concept of Ecological Security of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2004-2015 Concept of Transition to Sustainable Development of RK for 2007-2024 Convention on Biological Diversity

Montreal and Kyoto Protocols
Documents of Earth Summits in Rio-de-Janeiro and Johannesburg 6. The basic nature protection law of Kazakhstan is:
Ecological Code
Convention on Combat Desertification
Water Code
On Special Protected Territories
Forest Code
7. Sustainable use of natural resources means that they should be: ensured the durability of them for future generations
all replaced by genetically modified products
distributed equally between nations
controlled by environmental legacy
used at a higher rate
8. The primary body responsible for nature protection in Kazakhstan is: Ministry of Environment Protection
Ministry of Agriculture
Ecological Union "Tabigat"
Society of Nature Protection
Ecological Movement "Nevada-Semipalatinsk"
9. Term "Sustainable development" referred to ecology was first introduced at: Earth Declaration on environment and development, Rio-de-Janeiro, 1992 Earth Summit Declaration on sustainable development, Johannesburg, 2002 Conference on global environment monitoring system, Stockholm, 1972 Conference on Ozone layer protection, Vienna, 1985

Conference on International Trade in Endangered Species, Washington, 1973 10. The organic part of the soil that helps it to retain its moisture and nutrients is: humus
organic fertilizers
11. Erosion is the loss of soil that results from:
abiotic factors
contour plowing
proper grazing
12. The natural reason of desertification is:
wind and water erosion
wood cutting and logging
over-pasture and road construction
mining industry and weapon tests
careless irrigation
13. The main anthropogenic cause of desertification is:
excessive livestock grazing
uneven distribution of precipitation
high level of solar radiation
weak vegetation
lack of water supply
14. Percentage of Kazakhstan’s soil that is undergone to desertification: about 70%
about 30%
about 40%
about 50%
about 60%
15. Indicate the name of Kazakhstan’s national park:
Altyn Emel
16. Indicate the name of Kazakhstan’s reserve among the following list: Aksu Jabagly
Altyn Emel
17. The numbers of plants and animals species included in the Red Data Book of Kazakhstan are: 404 and 309, respectively
504 and 409, respectively
304 and 209, respectively
309 and 404, respectively
204 and 109, respectively
18. A special protected territory that is completely removed from an economical use is: zapovednik
natural heritage
national park
biosphere reservate
botanical garden
19. The main reason of Aral Sea catastrophe is:
careless use of water for irrigation
a natural disaster
land degradation caused by the Amu-Darya and Syr-Darya rivers flood...
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