Echo and Narcissus

Topics: Greek mythology, Aphrodite, Dionysus Pages: 3 (798 words) Published: April 22, 2014
Echo and Narcissus

This is an old story about a Greek myth. The story is told in the III Book of the Metamorphoses. It was then retold by Roger Lancelyn Green (1918-1987) an English novelist. The characters in this story are mainly Greek mythology characters such as: Zeus, Hera, Aphrodite, Echo, Narcissus, a nymph and another god.

In a mountain in Greece lived the Ureades, nymphs or fairies. There was this beautiful nymph, which was one of the most talkative called Echo. She loved to talk and made Hera, wife of Zeus, king of the gods, jealous and angry, because Zeus was spending too much time with Echo instead of her.

Rising Action
One day Zeus gets bored and tired of the golden halls in Mount Olympus, so he decided to come down to Earth and wander with the nymphs in the mountains. Hera, however, started getting jealous, so she often came to spy on Zeus. It seemed strange to Hera at first that Echo didn’t stop talking. Then she realized that Echo was doing it on purpose to detain her while Zeus sneaked quietly to Mountain Olympus without her noticing.

Hera gets really angry so she throws a spell to Echo where she could only repeat what others said. She couldn’t speak unless someone else spoke first. Hera, left poor little Echo, sweeping sadly among the rocks of the mountain sides speaking only the words that her family and friends said to each other.

Falling action
There was this beautiful youth called Narcissus, who was the son of a nymph and the god of a nearby river. He grew in the plains of the bees, until he was 16. At the age 16 Narcissus began to hunt in the mountain where Echo lived. While he walked in the mountain the nymphs looked at him and loved him, but he only loved himself. One day Echo saw him and fell in love with him. When he came back to the mountains he walked ahead and got lost so he started screaming for help and Echo answer to his calls without her appearing to him, so he ask her...
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