Early Civilizations Essay Example

Pages: 2 (570 words) Published: May 10, 2011
For early civilizations, the major necessity that drove them was food. This major force in their life would determine where they would live, hunt, and how they would store it. As the population of the world grew, other forces began to drive the civilizations. Geography would determine if the people would depend upon agriculture, hunting, trade, etc. to sustain their lives. The natural resources that were available to early civilizations could also be considered a driving force. They would use these resources to build houses to live in. It has also been pointed out that water is a driving force behind the development of early civilizations (Science Daily, 2003). As civilizations began to grow, social issues began to arise. Civilizations held different beliefs and many just had different ways of life. Civilizations believed in different gods (Sayre, 2010). Some civilizations seemed to hold a higher social status than others. Some civilizations had more abilities than others, which seemed to make them more powerful than other civilizations. Some had the ability to gain currency, read, learn, educate, etc., and others saw this as holding power. One of the main cultural influences on early civilizations was the need to provide basic necessities. The early civilizations also relied heavily on economics, where they settled, literacy, and the artifacts that they produced. Literacy and money seemed to give civilizations a sense of power. The more you had the higher your status. When it comes to revisionist history, I believe that it can be both a good thing and bad thing, depending on how it is used. I believe that it, in some cases, it may hold back essential information and key facts that individuals should be made aware of. If things are left out of our history, it can cause problems in our future. It makes it hard to plan for the future without truly knowing the past. In other cases, new parts of history may be discovered and need to be...
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