E.U & Nafta

Topics: United States, European Union, Mexico Pages: 2 (406 words) Published: March 14, 2006
The implications of the E.U. and NAFTA are to organizations that have taken on the responsibility of integrating common policy and controls in order to benefit their respective members. The E.U. purpose is to have common institutions to which they delegate some of their sovereignty so that decisions on specific matters of joint interest can be made democratically that benefit all of Europe. NAFTA though similar to the European Union and its mission is mainly responsive to trade issues amongst Canada The U.S. and Mexico. NAFTA administers the mechanisms to resolve trade disputes between national industries and/or governments in a fair, timely and impartial manner.

I find both organizations helpful. However, they both are relatively new I believe that in order to be of more importance these organizations will began to play a more effective and add more responsibilities to their outreach. The biggest E.U. decision so far was make all European currency the same, at the time this was very controversial yet after a few years in practice it has seemingly benefit all members. NAFTA has worked manly on U.S. and Mexico trade issues this has alleviated some of the financial strain that once was barrier in mainly U.S. and Mexican trade relations. Both organizations can affect a firm's investments decision by there presence alone. Before these institutions existed there was more corruption and scandal especial between the United States and Mexico the United States was exploiting Mexico for cheap labor and overcharging them for goods being transported to Mexico from the U.S. The E.U. mainly had currency issues and border issues that resulted in widespread illegal citizenship throughout Europe, money laundering and underground cartels. These factors for each organization have not been eliminated. However, they have established a common organization to handle such problems.

Africa has many natural untapped resources. In Africa's future there needs to be a collective...
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