E learning system

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Chapter: 1 Introduction

1.1 About The Project : - E-learning is another form of distance learning where education and training courses are delivered using computer technology. Typically, this means that courses are delivered either via the Internet, or on computer networks (linked computers). With the increased availability of PCs and Internet access, E-Learning is a web application uses JSP. The database is Oracle 10g. This online application enables the end users to register online, select the subject, read the tutorial and appear for the exam online. A person is given three attempts to pass a paper. In subjects containing more than one exam, the candidate should take tests in a particular sequence and also he can attempt the next test only if he has completed the previous papers. The correct answers for the questions are displayed after the exam. The date of the registration, date of exam, number of attempts, test results etc. are stored in the database.
1.2 Purpose: -
Education through the internet, network and a computer is E-learning. This helps in network enabled transfer of skills and knowledge. E-learning refers to use of electronic applications and processes to learn. This is a web based application which can be hosted in the website of any training institute. The students will be able to register online, read the course material and write online exam. Certificates also will be issued online.
The objectives of this project are : -
• To provide distance learning
• To make it convenient for people who have other commitments
• Cost reduction
• Reduced paper work
• Computer evaluated tests

1.3 Understanding Of Existing System : -
Shows educators and trainers how to adapt teaching methods and materials to make use of the Internet. Including a framework showing how to apply Internet technology progressively as skills and confidence grow, the project demonstrates the route from adapting materials to developing a virtual

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