E.E. Cummings Poem

Topics: Meaning of life, Grasshopper, Sonnet Pages: 1 (281 words) Published: May 20, 2012
The poem I chose for this paper is r-p-o-p-h-e-s-s-a-g-r by e.e. cummings. His poem, from my point of view, resembles the movements of a grasshopper. The format of the poem seems to move side to side which is the way a grasshopper jumps. I also believe that the use of capitalization is very important to the meaning of this poem. In the fifth line, all of the letters are capitalized which causes the words to become bigger and appear as if the grasshopper is in mid-air. In the last line, cummings ends it with a semi-colon, which signifies that the grasshopper is not done jumping. The rearranging of letters and the play with structure gives this motionless grasshopper more energy than the sun. When you look at this poem as a “poempicture”, you will see, from the picture below, that there is a rough outline of a grasshopper. It is not known whether or not cummings intentionally made the format into the form of a grasshopper or not. However, he was an artist. Therefore, I believe that was his objective. After reviewing all of the jumbled words, a translation of this poem is “grasshopper, who, as we look, now upgathering into himself, leaps, arriving to become, rearrangingly, a grasshopper.” I believe that cummings wrote this poem about grasshoppers because he wanted to express his personal life. Perhaps, he felt like a grasshopper. He may have been disorganized or his life could have been very confusing. In conclusion, even though this poem does not resemble one, it contains more meaning than most of the poems in this book.
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