E+Co Case Analysis

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Case Study Analysis

Discussion Questions
1.E+Co chose to target and nurture local entrepreneurs for their expertise in the local needs. The locals are in the best position to find the most desirable combination of need and the most appropriate clean energy solutions. So by providing investment capital and business development solutions to local entrepreneurs and businesses rather than starting and managing the businesses themselves, E+Co is demonstrating that while they have some of the answers to address global energy issues, they do not have the expertise that is necessary to be successful in all aspects of the cause. They are providing these smaller companies with the opportunity to utilize their knowledge and succeed in making a difference. Also, the company’s mission from its launch was to “empower” small and medium sized enterprises, and that’s what they are continuing to do. 2.All of the support services and funding E+Co provides is given after identifying and training local business talent. Then seed capital and a wide range of development services are put into place. Loan size of $29,000 to o$800,000 is given according to the commitment shown and the demonstration and presentation of a sound business plan rather than collateral. All of this is made to fit with the local demand and evolved with the needs of the entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs in a conventional setting do need to go through a slightly different process to obtain funding. It seems as if E+Co is almost on the hunt for companies to fund and Im sure venture capitalist are too but their main focus is to empower these businesses to better the environment and the lives of the people in these areas that are in need of cleaner and more efficient means of energy. The conventional setting allows for many more steps for an entrepreneur to go through. After exhausting personal funds and those of friends and family along with the possibility of bootstrapping, an entrepreneur needs to come to the...

References: Entrepreneurship: Successfully Launching New Ventures, 3rd ed., by Bruce R. Barringer and R. Duane Ireland (Pearson Prentice Hall, 2010
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