E.B white

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E. B. WHITE by Evelyn Magiera

Born in Mount Vernon, New York on July 11, 1899 Elwyn Brooks White (Elwyn was never thrilled with his name) was the youngest of six children to Samuel Tilly White who was the president of a piano firm and Jesse Hart White, a stay at home mom. Elwyn decided to join the United States Army before heading off to college. Elwyn graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1921. While obtaining his degree at Cornell he worked as an editor of the The Cornell Daily Sun. Elwyn also spent his college years as a member of the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity as well as the Aleph Samach and Quill and Dagger societies. Throughout his career he gained experience in many different publishing roles. Elwyn world for the United Press (which today is called the United Press International), the American Legion News Service, he served as a reporter for The Seattle Times, as well two years as a production assistant and copywriter for the Frank Seaman Advertising Agency. In 1925, The New Yorker magazine was founded, Elwyn submitted manuscripts to the literary editor, Katharine Angell. It was Katharine who recommended to the magazine editor and founder Harold Ross to bring Elwyn on as a staff member. Elwyn’s career with The New Yorker spans over six decades. In 1929, Elwyn and Katharine were married and later had a son named Joel. Katharine also had a son from her first marriage named Roger. Roger Angell also spent decades as a fiction editor for The New Yorker as well as the magazine baseball writer. Joel became a naval architect as well as a boat builder starting his own company in Brooklin, Maine called the Brooklin Boat Yard.

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