E. Wilson Creation Chapter 1

Topics: Science, Religion, Natural environment Pages: 2 (640 words) Published: March 18, 2013
“Letter to a Southern Baptist Pastor”
Wilson starts writing to a pastor that he feels the two of them are friends and he also tells the pastor that he grew up in the same religion as him. Wilson also notes that they are both Americans, more specifically Southerners. Wilson the goes on to mention the key difference between them. The pastor takes the Christian Holy Scripture literally and rejects the conclusion of Science. While Wilson is an atheist who takes a scientific approach and believes that people evolved from Apes. Though they have different beliefs, both Wilson and the pastor like everyone else in the world strive for the same imperatives of security, freedom of speech, personal dignity, and a cause to believe in. Wilson then proposes that no matter their beliefs they both need to spend time to help the environment. Scientist predicts that by the end of this century half of the plants and animals will become extinct. Wilson needs the pastor’s help because Religion and Science are the two most powerful forces in today’s world. Wilson says that almost none of the Religions have worried about Nature. Some Religions believe in the book of Revelation that a second coming of Christ will be soon and therefore they don’t have to worry about the Nature because they will all be taken to heaven. Charles Darwin even started out as a minister who referred to the bible with everything. But early on his voyage to Brazil he said, “It is not possible to give an adequate idea of the higher feelings of wonder, admiration, and devotion which fill and elevate the mind.” Wilson is familiar and heartened by the Christians way of talking about Creation. Wilson then says that even though their belief on Creation is different they can come together because they share a common purpose to help protect and save the environment and Nature.

Tommy Ayoob
“Ascending to Nature”
Wilson says the pastor much at least agree that at some point humanity lost its way. Wilson...
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