E-Socializing and Its Effect on New Individual at Work

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Question 1
The use of hand phones, face book and twitter is increasingly popular as a means to socialise. Discuss what difficulties new staff may encounter when they need to socialise in person and adapt to working environments in organisations. Provide relevant recommendations to help such individuals in the socialisation process.

“Human is a social animal” said Aristotle. A quote long said by a Greek philosopher but far more precise in describing a human behavior. Over the centuries means of socializing has changed but it still remains and would continue to be the basic need of every single individual to ever walk on this planet. The modern high tech world, like everything else has also not only greatly influenced the means of socializing but has also paved way for new dimensions of socializing. Keeping in mind the long proved philosophy of the Greek scholar, technology has provided many new alternatives for the humans to interact and socialize by the means of hand phones and social websites like face book, twitter, MySpace, Google+, Hi5 etc. It has made socializing far easier, convenient and cheaper for the people then it was a decade ago.
But behind every lucrative deal there is a catch. The case of modern means of socializing is not also any different. As many individuals today spend far more time on virtual socialization making them in turn, feel more comfortable with the said method over the time as they don’t really have to be present to communicate with respective person face to face. It has been observed that the percentage of the new staff having problems in socializing in person with his/her co-workers, is sky rocketing. They have been observed of lacking the confidence in communicating with the co-workers in person at his/her workplace. Therefore it becomes more difficult for him to understand and eventually rhyme in to the new working environment which therefore hampers his working ability and is often found to be short on his

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