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E-Review Chapter 1 Scratch

By carsem454 Jul 20, 2013 641 Words

Reviewing for Board Examinations is one of the most concerns of Criminology students and also with the other course. Spending too much time and effort in reading different books related to their subjects, attending review centers just to make sure they will pass. Reviewing has many alternative ways to students. With our present technology now we can use Internet Online as a kind of review for students that will help them understand more in an easy way. This study will help a board examinee to review better. 1.2. STATEMENTS OF THE PROBLEMS

((Not yet, we still have to conduct surveys to Criminology Students taking up Board Examination and interviews to make in the Dean of Criminology Students)) 1.3. OBJECTIVES
The main objective of this study is to design and create a new and interactive style of teaching and learning methodology. This can determine if self-paced online study is more effective than the brick and mortar classroom style. 1.4. SCOPE AND LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY

In the accomplishment of this study, a system of E - Learning is built to determine if self-paced online study is more effective than the brick and mortar classroom style. The aspects to be considered and analyzed are as follows:

1.4.1. The technology that we’re going to use is Adobe Flash and Photos for animation. 1.4.2. PHP as our Web Language.
1.4.3. MYSQL for the database system and Apache for the server. 1.4.4. Local Network will be used as a host for our web server. 1.4.5. System security, reliability and durability will not be analyzed.

The Methodology of this study is explained as follows:
1.5.1. Learning E - Learning and Review subjects of Criminology students for Board Examinations.
First step to do in this study is to Learn E - Learning. The system will be taken from our University and Community. The Review subjects will be taken from surveys of the Criminology Students taking up Board Examinations and interviews of the Dean of Criminology Department. 1.5.2. Identifying the Problems

After different surveys and Interviews has been done. The next step is to identify now the Problems on E - Learning and Review subjects of Criminology Students taking up Board Examinations. The most problem that been concluded are: (state the problems based on our analysis in the survey and interviews - by Carlos) 1.5.3. Finding Alternative Solutions

After identifying the problems, possible solution is searched. Solutions are searched through manuscripts, books, and Paper review in the library and forums through net. 1.5.4. Experiments, Result Interpretation and analysis

In proving the hypothesis, an experiment should be conducted. Experiment should be carried out in a proper manner to gain best result. The result will be analyzed and concluded so that the “true” solution to the problem can be published. 1.5.5. Finalizing and Publication

The study will be finalized and verify along with the solutions and be published in a form of capstone. 1.6. CAPSTONE ORGANIZATION
This capstone consists of five chapters; introduction, literature review, analysis and design, result and discussion and conclusion and future works. The introduction chapter discusses the background of the research, research problems, research objectives, scope of analysis, and methodology. The literature review chapter discusses the understanding and benefit of E-review, review subjects to consider, problems to take consideration and solutions to be implanted regarding E-review. The methodology chapter discusses the proposed

methodology and the system design of the study in details. The result and discussion chapter discusses the test and experiments that are conducted for the proposed methodology. The conclusions and future works chapter concludes and summaries the research and also discusses possible future works related on the research topic.

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