E-Recruitment System

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Chapter 1


Nowadays everyone knows that advance technology exists and constantly seeping into our day to day lives. Everything we do is quite connected with technology, whether it is working on papers at home or online with web apps or even chatting with someone using instant messaging. Without these kinds of technology life would be difficult and not much of fun at all. Knowledge will be limited and more difficult to polish. Technology solves the world’s problems and makes life more comfortable and fun. Developed societies won’t be at their current state without technology.

According to the history of FEU-East Asia College it is known as the original company, Asia Pacific Computer Technology Center (APCTC) was setup as early as July 1991 by SM Foundation and IBM Philippines. In January 1992, APCTC joined forces with Far Eastern University (FEU) and Intelligent Wave, Inc. (IWI), and set up a computer school, initially, the only course offered was leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer and Information Science (BS CIS). In 1994, East Asia Institute of Information Technology started to offer courses leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering (BS COE). In 2003, the FEU-College of Engineering merged with East Asia College of Information Technology's College of Computer Studies to form FEU-East Asia College, and the evolution of the school continued.

Some students of FEU-East Asia College told that in the past years, the buildings of the college are sufficient but when the time that the college offers specializations on BSIT and BSCS courses, the population of the students increase year by year. So the school expanded their facilities and buildings in order to keep up with the growth of students. The problem is new students are not familiar with the inside of the buildings. Even visitors are having problems because they do not have any knowledge on the whereabouts of their destination.

Since the college needs a guide for the freshmen and visitors, the group decided to develop 3D Virtual Tour. The 3D Virtual Tour will serve as a guide on how to get to their destinations by giving them every possible route. A virtual tour is a good way of instructing directions because it is a simulation of an existing location. It also provides users to view an environment with eye catching user interface and an exciting user experience. It is also recommended on universities and real estate industries.


The general objective of the study is to develop a 3D Virtual Tour application for FEU-East Asia College that will aid the visitors and freshmen visually to know the different routes and information about the selected facility.

Specifically, the study aims to:
* Develop a 3D virtual tour that has the following features: * 3D user experience that will make the college more advertise about their computer studies courses. * Some facilities like Departments, offices and common areas will have their own description. * Design an effective friendly interface that can be used by the students, visitors, and employees of FEU-East Asia College. * Evaluate the performance and acceptability of the developed system using the FURPS model in terms of: * Functionality;

* Usability;
* Reliability;
* Performance;
* Provide a user manual on how to use the virtual tour system.


Scope and Capabilities
The 3D Virtual Tour will highlight all the rooms existing in every building. It will provide different sections like floors and departments. The scopes and capabilities of the study are as follows:

* Displays the Technology, Main, and Annex Building of FEU – East Asia College. * Capability of giving direction for the user.
* Shows the details in every room.
* The system will use 3D effects
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