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Comprehensive Project Report


“Effective E-Recruitment in India”

[In partial fulfillment of the requirement for
M.B.A. Programme (2011-13) in GTU]

Guided By

Prof. Harsh Modha

Submitted By

Pooja Nimavat


Noble Group of Institutions – Department of Management

[Gujarat Technological University]

When I started my Research in e-Recruitment is preference for the topic was related to e-HRM. I preferred to conduct research within an consultancy, and that I wanted to gain a good understanding of the link between job Seeker and Employee. This is,in my opinion, a development that is inevitable and wil be long lasting, yet appeared to be difficult to implement. As my interests are in Human Resource management, I fenced my research question by focusing on the implementation of e-recruitment and analyzing why the system did not deliver the desired outcomes. Literature assumed the relation between a proper implementation and a successful technology. Many big organizations use Internet as a source of recruitment. E-recruitment is the use of technology to assist the recruitment process. They advertise job vacancies through worldwide web. The job seekers send their applications or curriculum vitae i.e. CV through e mail using the Internet. Alternatively job seekers place their CV’s in worldwide web, which can be drawn by prospective employees depending upon their requirements.

In this project more emphasize is given to the various E-recruitment processes or practices used in Indian people and it is also focused that how they differ among the old recruitment processes or practices. Effective E-recruitment is given a more knowledgeable and qualitative people who work related to the entire profile and given a best for his qualification.

Its hierarchical structure gives preference to good knowledgeable person, and it is a best environment for attracting the best talent in the market. So, here are given some effective processes to go through a good job in the help of e-recruitment.

We would like to acknowledge our sincere thanks to our director who gave us an opportunity to prepare a grand project and prove our ability.

Our sincere thanks to Prof Harsh Modha, our project guide who helped us a lot throughout this project and guided us in a right direction and his expertise in this topic also helped us to gain in-depth knowledge.

We would like to gratitude our earnest thanks to the professors of MBA Department-NGI.

“With sincere Regards”,
Pooja Nimavat


I am Pooja Nimavat, students of M.B.A – Sem. IV hereby declare that the project work presented in this report is our own work and has been carried out under supervision and guidance of Prof Harsh Modha,(Department of Management) Noble Group of Institutions, Junagadh Gujarat Technological University.

This work has not been previously submitted to any other university for any other Examination.

Date: 28-5-2011

Pooja Nimavat.

Executive Summary

Recruitment is important for organizations since it performs the essential function of drawing an important resource into the organization. It has a strategic aim as it focuses on the need to attract high quality people in order to gain a competitive advantage.

A new development in this domain is the use of the internet to attract potential employees to an organization, and is referred to as e-recruitment. Yet, in previous research it appeared that only 25% of the organizations indicated achieving strong success with e-recruitment (Chapman & Webster, 2003). In addition, e-recruitment success seems to be established by its process and procedure....
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