E-Publishing or Paper Print

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Newspapers and book publishers should convert to electronic publishing over paper publishing as their primary product.

I really am a bit of a technological dinosaur. I really like having a book or paper in my hands to read. Especially, as some have already stated in the discussion board, I like to read before going to sleep. Not much of a problem if my book or paper happens to fall from my hands as I doze off. However, it could be a big problem for my laptop or PDA. Additionally, these devices and others needed to read e-books are still rather expensive. I can buy a whole lot of books for $300-$400! I, like many of us, sit in front of a computer screen for much of my work day, so I would rather not read my novel or newspaper from one.

All that said, aside from some obvious "creature comfort" and historical reasons that primarily revolve around pleasure reading, it may make great "business sense" to rely on e-publishing. Since business can not be competitive in today's market with out information technology, it makes very good financial sense to leverage technology for your business.

Advantages of Electronic Publishing over Paper Publishing
Publishing a journal electronically sounds very attractive. There are a number of good reasons for doing so, but it does have disadvantages too. Before committing yourself and your organization to the effort and expense involved, it is sensible to look carefully at both the advantages and disadvantages. In the end, the decision will depend on what your main objectives are, so it is important to be clear about why you are publishing, or planning to publish, in the first place: what information you want to disseminate, and to whom.

International reach
It is of course true that readers all over the world can in theory get hold of and read your journal (provided that they have the necessary equipment and, for online journals, Internet connections); you do not have to arrange for printed copies to be mailed to...

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