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I plan to do a research about electric procurement in supply chain management while I have not chosen a more specific topic in this field. As for the reasons why I chose this kind of topic, the first one is close to the certification of CIPS (Chartered institute of purchasing and supply) so that the dissertation must be on a purchasing and supply related theme. Also, I am interested in how to electively combine procurement management with electric commerce.

I will try my best to explain how important the system of e-procurement is, and how does it run in supply chain management. Besides, I plan to do a large comparison between e-procurement and traditional procurement with case study. And then, I will analyze the disadvantages of this system and its related strategies.

I just have an elementary structure. Hopefully, we can discuss face to face and I will modify the structure and make it clear after our discussion. The below is my idea about the model of electric procurement in order to provide a reference with you.

Electric Procurement
With the rapid growth of e-commerce, e-procurement will be of paramount significance in the manufacturing company or industry. E-procurement is the business-to-business or business-to-consumer or business-to-government purchase and sales of supplies, work, and services through the internet as well as other information and networking systems. (Sources from Wikipedia )

Theoretically, e-procurement is an effective method to manage the each process of procurement with the combination between the application of information and network technology in the pursuit of increased core competitiveness. There are several benefits from using electric procurement system.

Initially, it is a nice way to enhance the manufacturing efficiency and greatly shorten the purchasing period. The enterprise can take part in the procurement fairs with other competitors through the trading platform and freely set up the transaction time and...
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