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E-mail to Coworker

Peggy Lee


September 22, 2014

Kerubo (Happiness) Kinaro

E-mail to Coworker

To: cm_rn9520@gmail.com

Cc: plee0602@gmail.com

Subject: Difference between management and leadership

Hello Carly,

I enjoyed our discussion about the leadership program training offered here at the Community Memorial Home Health Agency for new nurses’. Your feedback was very helpful. Our shift ended before I could respond to your question: What is the difference between management and leadership?

Carly, I always thought management and leadership were interchangeable. When I started composing my response to your question, I could not define the terms or provide any examples. I decided to do some research on management and leadership.

Coulter and Robbins (2012) defines as the process of coordinating and overseeing the work activities performed by others who are responsible for completing these activities. Management provides the necessary inputs (resources) in an order to obtain the desired outputs (products or services) needed to achieve the desired goals.

There are several levels of management: top management, middle management and first-line management. In our agency, Jill, nurse practitioner is the top manager. She is responsible for the entire organization. She makes all the decisions, plans, and establishes the organizational goals. She is in control; however, John, a licensed physical therapist, usually, assist her with her responsibilities. John is the middle manager. He also supervises the head nurse, Joan, who works directly with you and I and the other members of our group. Joan is our first-line manager. She ensures that the work activities are completed efficiently and effectively, and the organizational goals are achieved.

Like management, leadership is also a process. Leadership is the process of motivating and guiding a workgroup to complete work activities effectively and efficiently....

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