E-mail and High Infrastructure-high Apps

Topics: E-mail, Internet, Computer security Pages: 2 (256 words) Published: April 5, 2013
Justin Michael


IS 3110

Week 2
1. Unauthorized access from public internet- High risk
Intra-office employee romance gone bad- Low risk
Workstation browser has software vulnerability- Medium
2. denial of service attack on organization e-mail server- availability user destroys data in application and deletes all file- confidentiality Unauthorized access from public internet- integrity

5. a. user downloads an unknown e-mail attachment
Information- high infrastructure-high
Apps- high people-medium
This risk factor can be managed by a strong antivirus and a strong policy that prohibits employees from downloading attachments b. DDS attack on email server
Information- low infrastructure-high
Apps- low people-high
A DDS attack can totally cripple your system and can be stopped by a strong firewall c. service provider has a major network outage
Information- low infrastructure-high
Apps- low people-medium
Can be managed by a good UPS setup to keep power to your infrasture.

7. If any one part of the c-i-a triad fails it represents a potential loss to the company 8. It will tell you what data types are available, were the certain data in located, what access levels are implemented, and does it adhere to compliance regulations. 9. setup new stronger passwords and get rid of the default passwords. And keeping the software up to date. 10. thru the company email and/or set up a company meeting and explain the risk to each of the department heads so they can let the employees know what the risk is.
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