E-Learning Method in Manager Training

Topics: Working time, The Establishment, Training, Method acting / Pages: 9 (2146 words) / Published: Apr 1st, 2013
Gökçe Tas, Barıs Baraz Anadolu University, Eskisehir, TURKEY

• This study aims to investigate e-learning as a method, which is used in manager training and determining the aspects of the individuals, who get trained by e-learning. • In this study shortly manager definition, reasons for manager training, purposes for training and methods in manager training are explained, as the method for manager training e-learning is approached. Emphasizing on the e-learning notion, method’s strong and weak points are classified and as a training method preferring the reasons for e-learning are emphasized. • For this reason managers who are trained by e-learning are examined by a quantitative research. Whether managers have chosen e-learning as a training method or not and comparing conventional methods qualifications that e-learning has are tried to determine in the study.


• The aim of this study is to determine what inferior and superior sides e-learning holds, compared to other training methods. Study has importance in pointing out opinions about the trainings that managers received by using e-learning. • Data used in the study have been collected by means of survey. There are 28 questions in the survey form. The expressions which were made by using 5 points likert scale • SPSS 19 package program was used analysing the data.

• The basic assumption of the study is that the participants are qualified enough to evaluate e-learning method and to compare features of e-learning with that of traditional methods • Reports of Istanbul Chamber of Industry were analysed and VESTEL was chosen for the survey, which is in the 13th place in the list of Turkey's 500 Biggest Industrial Establishments and is serving in electronics sector in Istanbul. • The first reason for this establishment to be chosen is that they were using e-learning method and the second is that they have trained nearly 3000

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