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At the present time, it is commonly thought that new technologies can strongly help in education. In young ages especially, children can use the huge interactivity of new media, and develop their skills, knowledge, perception of the world, under their parents monitoring, of course. In no way traditional education can be replaced, but in this era of fast technological advance and minimization of distance through the use of the Internet, everyone must be equipped with basic knowledge in technology, as well as use it as a medium to reach a particular goal. This is where e-learning comes in.

Children show more interest in watching televisions than studying their lessons so new learning tools should be developed to catch these children’s attention. Children worldwide can look forward to tools that can help sustain their interest in learning. Multimedia tools are just now becoming available as people finally figure out the strength of the computer is, with enormous need for a better education. The Researchers found out that through multimedia, they can maximize their learning potentials .Through visualization; they can easily capture the minds of a learner. When added with sounds, voice and video, it will surely entertain their minds while they are learning. Educational software can supplement traditional learning since multimedia software interesting and entertaining.

This study is conducted for the purpose of developing a learning tool for students taking the subject of Chemistry. E-learning presented in the way to help the pupils/students to give more interest in their study, through the visual effects graphics and sounds incorporated the child’s interest. With this game, the proponents hope to improve the quality of education in the Philippines.

1.2 Background of the Study
Mobile applications or apps are a relatively new thing on the market. The first mobile apps have appeared on handheld devices called personal digital assistants (PDA), also known as palmtop computers. These devices however never became widely popular and were mainly used by managers and computer experts. Mobile telephones on the other hand became a big hit that spread far and wide throughout the populace and with the ever advancing technology became more and more powerful. Over time their functionality has started to overlap with the PDAs which gave birth to a new field of so called Smartphone. There are a few key players in the Smartphone market today. Two of them are at the technological peak of the industry – operating system iOS by Apple and Android developed by Google and other members of the Open Handset Alliance. Unlike the iOS, however, Android is an open system, programmed under open source license, and although it is the newest player, it’s already the best selling platform of today. Under these circumstances Android seemed like the best target platform for our application. The proposed system is an e-learning game that can improve the knowledge of students in Chemistry, especially in memorizing a periodic table. It can enhance the students’ idea about the elements, what is their name, weight, number, etc. Nevertheless, this may improve the country’s competency in education. 1.3 Statement of the Problem

The following are the problems the researchers have seen and encountered by student at home who have problems in their lessons because they got bored in their classes.

1.3.1 General Problem
Students nowadays are having hard time to focus in their studies or lessons. This is caused by them more focusing on television and other entertainment like computer, mobile phones, and others. Students want to have visualization, a more graphics that can trigger their enjoyment in the game of what they want, rather than having it read, i.e. computer games. Their attention is focused...
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