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The aim of this assignment is to analyse how introduction of E-HRM help the HR function to deliver a more cost effective service to the business. Every Organisations aim is to run Human Resources (HR) operation more efficiently and smoothly. The combination of working more efficiently and increased use of information technology has resulted in development of Electronic Human Resources (E-HRM) (Stanton and Coovert, 2004; Fletcher, 2005). The term E-HR was used First time in 1990’s and referred as Human Resource Management is a transaction using electronic systems such as the internet or local computer network (Lengnick-Hall and Moritz, 2003). The E-HRM uses the web based tools for human resource management practices and policies; it has been progressing rapidly within organisational life. The web based tools was used in HR department to optimize HR operational practice and allowing distributed access to employees and line managers. E-HRM could be defined as the administrative support of the HR function in Organizations by using web based technology. One of the primary business automation in an organization was payroll administration, and then HR has continued to combine new technology with old process, which influenced to start Human Resource Information systems (HRIS), where HRIS is an organised practice of collecting, storing, maintaining, retrieving and validating data needed by organisation, which is limited to HR department itself. The boundaries of HRIS have made E-HRM emerge, with E-HR; the aim was not only to serve HR staff, but also people outside this department: the employees, management and clients. As E-HRM provides access to employees and managers through internet or intranet, leaves sufficient time for HR department to focus more on strategic decisions ultimately reducing cost for organisation.

What made E-HRM EMERGE:
The information from a McKinsey survey shows how companies have started to use the interactive Web to change their businesses generally (McKinsey Quarterly, 2007), so providing a roadmap for innovative HR departments to achieve greater credibility with business colleagues. Information and communication technology has been broadly used in Human Resource Information systems (HRISs), since the 1980s which was first step in developing HRM. This application of technology is different from E-HRM. HRIS is mainly focused on automating the systems used by the HR function, limited to HR department itself and its main client has been HR staff rather than employees or managers. Besides, HRISs have not been enough to create the type of internal virtual chain. For instance, HRISs have usually been concern about automation of systems such as payroll and personal data, often with limitations or no attempt to make such data interactive or available to employees or managers outside of HR department which led to concern for E-HRM.

E-HRM is basically an advanced version of HRISs replacing face to face relationship with smart self service relationship providing with greater individual service and customisable content locally or internationally. Both organisations profit and non-profit oriented once have been replacing face-to-face HRM activities with E-HRM tools, for employees and managers since the 1990s. It’s an application of the internet, web based system and mobile communications technology to change the nature of interaction between HR staff, line managers, and employees from pure face to face relationship to a technology mediated relationship (Ruël et al., 2004). The primary goal is to look whether this is of profitable to an organisation, Basic expectations behind the use of e-HRM is cost reduction, improve the HR efficiency and give the HR department space to become a strategic partner....
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