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E-Governance or “electronic governance” is defined as the delivery of Government services and information to the public, using the electronic means including the dissemination of information to the people and the agencies. In India the concept ‘e-governance’ began with National Informatics Center’s efforts to connect all district headquarters though computers in 1980s. In 2002 it further proposed the setting up an Indian portal for public access to information on various aspects of government functioning. e-governance promotes the efficiency, enforces accountability, brings transparency in the working of the government system and reduces time delays; All important government policies are useful to people, e-governance also beneficial to the citizens. It involves technology, policies and infrastructure. This paper reveals the performance of e-governance in India in the context of its role in Agriculture sector, rural development and promoting social welfare.

Keywords: e-Governance, Policies, Agriculture, Rural Development and Social Welfare.


As a new initiative during the Ninth Plan, the Department has formed an “IT-eGov” unit for progressive implementation of eGovernance and establish an IT enabled work environment. The Department has made adequate provision for IT activities in the Plan Budget for the year. The Department of Electronics and Information Technology, from time to time, in association with various educational and research institutions undertakes different inputs. e-Governance in India has reached at the “Transactional” stage and providing various services to citizens, business and government organization, offered by Central Government agencies and different State Government departments. National e-Governance Plan (NeGP), initiated in 2006, attempts to make all Government services accessible to the common man in his locality, through Common Service Centers (CSC) being set up across India. As on February 2012, about 97,159 (CSC Newsletter - 2012) CSCs was operational with different brand names and started delivering services to people. As the rural landscape in India is set to take the advantage of the flourishing ICTinitiatives, by various institutions, more specifically the CSCs. InDG initiative offers much required content and services in local languages that makes the difference in the lives of the rural people. The major focus of e-Governance vertical of www.indg.in portal is to support the ongoinge-Governance movement in India by providing one stop information access to availableonline citizen services, state specific e-Governance initiatives and awareness about online legal services, mobile governance, RTI etc. Keeping in mind the importance ofempowering the VLEs, InDG has included a new section “VLE Corner” to enrich them with resource materials and providing a platform to share their experiences in their own language. 1. ACTION PLAN

The IT action plan of the Department include the following:

• Infrastructure Development: Provide Personal Computers (PCs) with necessary software support to all functionaries. • Networking: Establish Local Area Network (LAN) and Intranet to facilitate file and information sharing between various functional units. • IT Training: Provide relevant specialized training courses to the staff and Officers, to enable them working on computers. • Office Automation: Implement the office automation system to maintain records of receipt, issue of letters and movement of files • e-Reports: Convert the Acts, Rules, Circulars and other published material of interest or relevance to the public in electronic form. • Website: Enrich the contents of the...
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