E-Commerce vs M-Commerce

Topics: Personal digital assistant, Mobile phone, Mobile device Pages: 3 (776 words) Published: May 14, 2013
-E-commerce: refers to commercial affairs which are conducted by using technological equipment such as computer, laptop, etc. over Internet, computer network or other electric systems. -M-commerce: refers to buying or selling process which is conducted through mobile network such as 3G, wireless, etc. in which mobile device: cellphone, smartphones, PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), etc. are used. 2.Benefits and Drawbacks:

Brief overview of e-commerce and m-commerce advantages and disadvantages: Table 1 – Appendix 1. E-commerce and M-commerce are two most developing technical methods of commercial market because of their convenience and efficiency. However, in addition to many benefits, both providers and customers still have to face its drawbacks. a.Portability and flexibility:

One convenient benefit when applying e-commerce and m-commerce is saving time. Towards the providers, it is highly recommended that they present their products via e-commerce and m-commerce because it takes short time to display these goods on website. That information can then be easily viewed by many different target customers at the same time. Toward customers, they can do shopping and relax at home. Computers and mobile device can be used for many other purposes apart from shopping, such as: communicating, listening to music, etc. The business transaction is able to be made everywhere such as at home, on high street, in park, etc. However, e-commerce seems to be better at displaying the products in a large number than m-commerce. This limitation of m-commerce is due to the small size of mobile device’s screen. The small size also leads to low effectiveness of viewing the product. The qualification of the image is also worse than computer because the graphic has to be reduced to fit the cellphone’s hardware. In addition, shopping via e-commerce and m-commerce is the good way because customers can have a brief comparison among products,...
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