E commerce Research Paper

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E-commerce Research Project
Ericka Lim-Spears
Business 424
Liberty University



E-commerce has taken over traditional marketing and replaced it with a modern day way of doing business. Over the past two decades our society has become accustomed to buying and selling goods as well as services online, it has become a more efficient, cost-effective, and convenient way of living. With E-commerce becoming more prominent by the day it is important that businesses strive to meet expectations of their consumers when advertising online. Social media plays a substantial role also in helping businesses promote products or services to other businesses or directly to consumers. When businesses do business with each other, also known as B2B marketing, it is important for them to have a clear idea of what their company represents and how their products or services will benefit consumers. Social media handles such as Facebook and Twitter have given businesses no matter how successful a platform to build up their consumer base which in turn will attract other businesses to take part in your product or service. Consumer-to-Consumer marketing also known as C2C is a consumer base which regular people are able to take part in e-commerce by selling their goods and services online. Websites such as Ebay and Craiglist have been home to Consumer to Consumer marketing since the beginning. Social networks such as Facebook has provided a great platform for independent sellers to get their products out there. It provides a great advantage because most consumer sellers aren’t backed up by a huge organization; E-COMMERCE RESEARCH PROJECT3

therefore, social media is a great tool to take advantage of. M-Commerce, the method of e-commerce on a Smartphone or tablet has been continuously on the rise the more technology becomes advanced and thus easier to use. Mobile commerce is great for those who lead busy lives and tend to be on the go. Many companies such as Amazon and Ebay have taken advantage of the expansion of mobile commerce by creating Apps that are available for free to have direct access to the company’s website providing an in-store experience through an App rather than the browser. Most successful companies as well as individual sellers have taken advantage of these four e-commerce marketing strategies, it seems difficult to come up with a product, service, or company that does not use these strategies because it is mostly what makes them known.


E-commerce has changed the game for business marketing, it creates a platform for businesses of all different sizes to transfer information through the internet on consumer based retail sites as well as exchange goods and services between corporations. E-commerce is considered one of the most important aspects to emerge on the Internet because it provides a foundation of never-ending opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs. Traditional marketing strategies are becoming something of the past with social media taking the reigns in promoting goods and services of different businesses. Businesses are also able to capitalize on their target market as well as other organizations in order to get the word of their product or service out there. Buying and selling goods online provides a fast and efficient way for distributing these goods and services whether it is from business to business, business to consumer, or consumers to consumers.

Business to business also known as B2B marketing is essentially used to sell products to other businesses also known as buyers rather than to consumers. Refers to the electronic commerce between businesses rather than between business and consumer (What is E-commerce?). Business to Business deals often deal with hundreds or thousands of other businesses, either as customers...

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