E-Commerce, Difference in Ethical Issues

Topics: Marketing, HTTP cookie, Protection Pages: 1 (409 words) Published: August 28, 2006
Difference in Ethical, Legal, and Regulatory Issues
Each business would like to design a website that will be able to grab interest of a target audience. Besides grabbing interest of the target audience, the business will also have ethical, legal, and regulatory issues to think of. The following paragraphs will explain some differences of ethical, legal, and regulatory issues on a B2B compared to a B2C site. Differences in Ethical Issues

Ethical issues should be a concern in both the B2B and B2C websites. In a B2C site the business would need to make sure there is security and privacy in every transaction that transfers information provide by the customer. The privacy on a B2C site should protect the customer from third party vendors by keeping any supplied information such as e-mail addresses. By protecting the e-mail addresses of the customer from third party vendors the customer will not be attacked by pop-up ads in the future. Cookies, which are small data that contains information about the consumer and his or her computer, would need to be encrypted so nobody may be able to read the content of the information being supplied by the consumer. To better help protect the privacy of the consumer, the business website should avoid using third party cookies because they allow information to be read by other websites. A B2C website will also need to worry about copyright information from the consumers when putting information on the website.

In B2B websites the information would need to be protected the same as how it is protected in a B2C. B2B customers may care less about privacy because the corporate information is what is given in a transaction and not personal information about one person. A B2B site may already have the important information needed from the specific business in previous transactions since most business done on a website is to build strong relations with the other business. When it comes to copyright information on a B2B website, the...
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