E-Commerce Chapter 2

Topics: Internet service provider, Wi-Fi Pages: 1 (273 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Andrew Paul Smith
CIS 55
Professor Zardoost
10 February 2013
Review Questions Chapter 2

1. In one or two paragraphs, explain the difference between a network access provider and an internet service provider.

A network access provider is a larger scale “ISP” as in they provide internet access on a larger scale. A NAP will rent lease or sell internet access to large companies or to smaller companies called internet service providers. Internet service providers are the companies who then deal with individuals at the residential level and small businesses who need internet access. So essentially the two are the same except a network access provider will provide services on a larger scale and an internet service provider will provide very similar access to those on a smaller scale.

2. Describe in two paragraphs the origin of HTML. Explain how markup tags work in HTML, and describe the roles of at least one person involved with HTML’s development.

HTML is used to indicate how a web page should be formatted. It is a system of certain characters and grouping of these characters that will be read by browsers that will translate the instructions onto the web page document. One person involved in HTML’s development was Berners Lee who wanted a computer platform to have a common “language” for easier communication worldwide.

Markup tags in HTML works because it defines what action to take or format to apply. Three basic types of markup tags exist and they are structural markup, stylistic markup and the descriptive markup. These three types of tags are used to change the appearance and structure of an HTML document.
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