e-commerce chapter 1

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E-commerce 2013
business. technology. society.
ninth edition

Kenneth C. Laudon
Carol Guercio Traver

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Chapter 1
Introduction to E-Commerce

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eCommerce : The Revolution Is Just Beginning

2. eCommerce : A Brief History
3. Understanding eCommerce : Organizing

Learning objectives

Define the e-commerce and describe how its differ
from ebusiness
Identify uniqueness features of e-commerce
Recognize and describe Web 2.0 applicartions
Describe the major types of e-commerce
Understanding the evolution of ecommerce
Major theme of ecommerce

Class Discussion


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Class Discussion

 Do you use Facebook?How often? What

has the experience been like?
 Have you purchase anything based on
adv on fb or by using a link provided by
a friend?
 Are you concerned about the privacy of
the information you have posted on fb?
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Class Discussion

Pinterest: Attracts Global Interest
Have you used Pinterest or any other content
curation sites? What are your main interests?
 Have you purchased anything based on a pin
or board on Pinterest or any other curation
 Why do Pinterest links drive more purchasing
than Facebook links?

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First thing first

Welcome to the new world of electronic commerce (eCommerce or EC) The industry of the twenty-first century
Do business electronically from virtually anywhere in the world that has a computer.

In 2011 alone, US eCommerce generated well over $310 billion in retail business and over $3.36 trillion business-to-business traffic.

The Internet - an international network of independent computer systems precipitated the revolution.

Other problems
Has permeated virtually every phrase of society

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E-commerce Trends 2012–2013
 Mobile platform solidifies
 Mobile e-commerce explodes
 Continued growth of social networks
 Expansion of social and local

 Explosive growth in “Big Data”
 E-books gain wide acceptance
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The First 30 Seconds
 First 17 years of e-commerce
 Just the beginning

 Rapid growth and change

 Technologies continue to evolve at

exponential rates

 Disruptive business change
 New opportunities
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Revolution of e-commerce in Malaysia

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What Is E-commerce?
 Use of Internet and Web to transact

 More formally:

 Digitally enabled commercial transactions

between and among organizations and
 Commercial transaction involve the exchange
value (e.g money) across organizational or
individual in return for products and services.

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What Is E-commerce?

Communications Perspective - the ability to deliver products, services, information, or payments via networks.
Interface View - eCommerce means information and transaction exchanges: 

Business-to-Business (B2B)
Business-to-Consumer (B2C)
Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C)
Business-to-Government (B2G)

Business Process - eCommerce means activities that support commerce electronically by networked connections.
Online Perspective - eCommerce is an electronic environment that allows sellers to buy and sell products, services, and information on the Internet. A Structure - eCommerce deals with various media: data, text, Web pages, Internet telephony, and Internet desktop video.

A Market - eCommerce is a worldwide network.

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