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Tema del proyecto: El comercio electrónico (e-commerce) y el comercio móvil (m-commerce) en países subdesarrollados o del tercer mundo.



Economic and Social Impactof E-commerce

E-Commerce has brought about many changes in organizations and has had significant impacts on the quality of life that is experienced by individuals or even indirectly as members of society. The need to have fast and efficient information on products is crucial to our socially conscious and technologically dependent society. Information technology has increased the intolerable burden of handling the increasing amount of information and human errors which the society is expected to contend with. The Economic and Social Impacts of E-Commerce addresses issues associated with the advent of e-commerce, and its significance within society.

Because electronic commerce is still at a very early stage in its development, much of this thinking is based on speculation on sketchy evidence. These claims can be analyzed by looking first at Price declines in key technologies, which enables electronic commerce. The price declines in these supporting technologies allow firms to reduce its production costs. However, given the intangible nature of e-commerce, new transaction costs are generated, many of which are associated with creating trust and managing some of the risks.

E-commerce is a way of conducting business over
the Internet. Though it is a relatively new concept,
it has the potential to alter the traditional form of
economic activities. Already it affects such large
sectors as communications, finance and retail trade
and holds promises in areas such as education,
health and government. The largest effects may be
associated not with many of the impacts that
command the most attention (i.e. customized
product, elimination of middlemen) but with less
visible, but potentially more pervasive, effects on
routine business activities.

what is the E-commerce process

it is simple electronic commerce, or e-commerce, is the
buying and selling of goods and services on the
Internet. Many
people use Internet as a source of information to
compare prices or look at the latest products on
offer before making a purchase online or at a
traditional store. E- business is sometimes used as
another term for the same process. More often,
though, it is used to define a broader process of
how the Internet is changing the way companies do
business, of the way they relate to their customers
and suppliers, and of the way they think about such
functions as marketing and logistics. For the
purpose of this study e-commerce is taken to mean
doing business electronically.

Electronic commerce draws on technologies such as mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, Internet marketing, online transaction processing, electronic data interchange, inventory management systems, and automated data collection systems. Modern electronic commerce typically uses the World Wide Web at least at one point in the transaction's life-cycle, although it may encompass a wider range of technologies such as e-mail, mobile devices, social media, and telephones as well.

Objetives of e-commerce
Use the Internet to showcase my product or service.
Reduce overall marketing expenses
Enhance customer service.
E-commerce websites aim at converting the traffic that comes on the website into customers by making them pay online. Such websites overcome the physical and geographical limitations of a business. 

Traditional transactions are limited in terms of how many people can be reached at  a single time. Online transactions, which can be global in reach, can provide content that is both  complex and rich, overcoming the traditional trade-off between reach and richness.  It also consists of the exchange of data to facilitate...
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