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COSTEL NISTOR, ROZALIA NISTOR, MIHAELA-CARMEN MUNTEAN Department of General Economics, Faculty of Economic Sciences “Dunarea de Jos” University 59-61 N. Balcescu Str., Galati ROMANIA cos_nis@yahoo.com; rozalia.nistor@selir.com; mihaela_c_muntean@yahoo.com http://www.fsea.ugal.ro Abstract: Simultaneous development of telecommunications and computers has made possible the use of the Internet boom and the creation of specific technologies that will influence key economic and social activities. In such circumstances, will develop extensive e-commerce business that will revolutionize the field and will stimulate international trade. Such changes will give consumers new possibilities of search and selection of the most competitive on the world market. In this context, trade on the Internet can talk about a new field of knowledge. Essentially, it retains some of the characteristics of electronic commerce "traditional" common scheme sales/credit card based systems EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), methods of cryptographic protection of data security management, sites etc. Key words: e-commerce, Internet, business-to-business, business-to-consumer, consumer-to-consumer, consumer-to-business

1. E-commerce - modern form of business
Throughout human history, the exchange of goods and services has undergone many forms. If at first, the natural economy, barter exchange form that manufacturers use their surplus production to meet other consumer needs, with the deepening division of labor and developing production for exchange, it takes scope. But trade itself is really just born with the advent of money and social class of merchants, who facilitated the passage of goods from producers to consumers and is steadily rising, accounting for many forms over time. Developments the company had subsequently allowed the continuous improvement of forms of trade. In a very broad sense, electronic commerce is a concept that means the sale and purchase or exchange of goods, services, information, using a computer network, including the Internet. In a narrow sense, electronic commerce can be viewed from four perspectives, namely: • from the perspective of communications - is to provide information, products, services, payment, using telephone lines, computer networks or other electronic means; • from the perspective of business processes - is a technological application toward business process automation and workflow; • from the perspective of services - is a tool that addresses the wishes of companies, consumers and management to reduce costs and improve quality of goods and speed of service;

From the theoretical point of view, electronic commerce is defined as "a modern technology to do business”, which addresses the needs of organizations, traders and consumers to reduce transaction costs while improving quality of goods and services and increase delivery speed. • From the perspective online - is the ability to buy and sell products, information on the Internet or using other online services. From the pragmatic point of view are important and other ways of defining concepts. Of these, particular interest is the following: • "All activities conducted online, in order to incite consumer interest before the sale and provide after sales support to consumers (Internet Computing magazine); • "Doing business online. This includes buying products through online services and Internet and electronic data exchange with an institution shall inform the computer and transmits purchase orders to another company computer "(Computer Desktop Encyclopaedia) [ www.computerlanguage.com]; • "Commercial transactions using automated processing procedures combined with automatic procedures for the exchange of information" (NIST Computer Systems Laboratory) [csrc.nist.gov]; • "Electronic commerce refers generally to all forms of transactions that relate to business activities, carried out at...

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4. Conclusions
New methods of trade will open new markets for them. Interactive exchange of information electronically between companies and governments will simplify procedures. Information technologies allow to minimize distribution costs, for example, sale and distribution of information in a communication network. Will be possible; therefore, reduce distribution costs from end to end supply chain. Electronic links between manufacturers and retailers allow reduction in costs by reducing paper transactions and/or replacing them entirely electronic transactions. It highlights the need for security in computer systems, this based on the following: financial fraud known a considerable decrease, largely because of modern security technology implementations, flood-type attacks (DDoS) which are main target sites of companies that are online sales are growing alarmingly, theft of information
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