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In our modern world, many things have invented by most of the world’s scientist. Most of the inventions are purposed to satisfy human needs.

Nowadays, in terms of economy, tobacco industry is rapidly increasing. People today, some of them are depending and enjoy smoking especially during the times that they are at their office or work. People usually smoke so that they can avoid or relieve stress. Though we are aware of the bad effects of smoking, why are still there are a lot of people who still smoke, specially the chain smokers? Are we really aware about what could be the result in our health issues of this bad habit?

Government and medical practitioners are looking on the result of the rapid increase of smokers. As a matter of fact, the 70% of the smokers are in the age of 12. The government were alarmed regarding this health issues caused by smoking. So they have passed a bill that will increase the tax of cigarettes and liquors. But how about those people who can’t really quit of smoking? Will it be good for them to spend more for a cigarette?

Science has a solution to replace and sustain the needs of people who can’t stop their selves from using cigars. Inventors have presented the E-cigarette (electronic cigarette). This invention will replace the local cigarette into another way of smoking that is safer than the traditional way.

Inventors believed that it will decrease the number of people who smoke tobacco that will result to the prevention from the diseases caused by the nicotine. The e-cigarette produces low or even no nicotine at all, which is good for human body. It comes with different variety of flavors from vegetable, fruits of even confectioneries such as candy and chocolate.

Aside of the flovors of the juices that the e-cig provides, it also offers the physical appearance of the e-cig itself, which you can customize on whatever theme you may like (parts are available in leading supermarkets).

The e-cigarette...
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