E Business vs. Traditional Business

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1. E-business vs. traditional business. Difference
The spread of the internet has opened a new way of businesses to connect with potential customers. While the traditional businesses are still around, e-business has been growing at a steady rate. The main differences between e-business and traditional business include the kind of customer interaction available, accessibility and the expenses. Customer interaction is an important aspect of business culture which can dictate the success of the business. Some business types require a greater amount of customer interaction than others. For example, a business where one offers virtual services where the interaction between provider and customer is by phone or email requires no physical customer interaction and therefore this business can thrive as an e-business. On the other hand, if your business requires physical customer interaction, such as selling goods that need to be stored, displayed and tried by the customer before they buy, it is more likely that a traditional business model will be more successful. Therefore, whilst both e-business and traditional business can offer customer interaction, not every type of business can be an e-business because of its limits on physical customer interaction.

With regards to accessibility e-businesses are at an advantage both in terms of time accessibility and location accessibility. E-businesses are able to offer the customers around the clock access to the business services provided, while traditional businesses are limited to their opening times. E-businesses are also available to anyone, provided they have an internet access, whilst traditional businesses are limited to their physical location. In terms of their accessibility to customers, e-businesses can therefore reach more customers and expand globally much quicker than traditional businesses. Finally, both e-businesses and traditional businesses require certain expenses in terms of the legalities and...
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