E-Business Strategy Part 1

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Al-Ikhsan sdn bhd

Al-Ikhsan is one of the famous brick and mortar that transform to brick and clicks business in Malaysia. The Company started as a single sole proprietorship and each new store that was opened was individually registered as sole proprietorship also. Later on, for tax and administrative purposes, a Private Limited Company, Al-Ikhsan Sports Sdn Bhd was set up. Today, the name Al-Ikhsan is synonymous with football. In 1993, Al-Ikhsan Sports was formed with a single store in Holiday Plaza, Johor Bahru. Initially, the business started off as a general sportswear outlet. As the business grew, En Ali found that there was a demand for specialty shops, dealing in soccer, basketball and other sports. As a result, he began to set up stores catering to these niche markets. It has since grown to 61 stores in every country within Peninsular Malaysia.

The main activities of Al-Ikhsan are stores or retails activities. First it increase the ROI by identify non-moving stock across the chain, transfer them to where they are selling and/or return them. Also, identify and return non-moving stock at purchase value to avoid any loss on non-moving stock return. Such effective stock transfers coupled with purchase returns increase the ROI. Next, it lower the inventory investment by consolidated view of inventory including the need at each point of sale facilitates optimum inventory at each point of sale. Also ensures that stock can be transferred to the point of sale at short notice.

They also lower pilferage by continuous stock audit based on ABC classification of items instead of periodic full stock verification helps to identify mismatch between physical stock & system stock early. Such continuous stock audit helps lower pilferage. It also made a best purchase as store pool its requirements; the volume of purchase goes up. This allows store better negotiating leverage. Combining this with the analysis of their sales, purchase and inventory data, allows store keeper source products from the cheapest and best. Then they lower the operating cost by optimal utilization of man power, optimal utilization of store space, effective inventory management and leads to lower operating costs. Al – Ikhsan also centralized the financial control as store’s business moves to a model of depositing the entire receipts/collections with the HQ and all payments are made from HQ, store get better financial control over its business. The fraud prevention by Real-time / Periodic upload of point of sale data to the HQ prevents any tampering with data at the point of sale. This builds better awareness among point of sale staff and prevents fraud. Subsequently, prevent poor practices from becoming bad habits by audit trail to help HQ know the activities done at the point of sale and identify the poor practices such as stock updating, temporary stock addition etc. Corrective action for such poor practices can be taken by training the personnel at the point of sale.

The other activities for Al Ikhsan are they provide discount to customer by making a big sale or promotion in press. They offer a reasonable and appropriate price for all our products that will benefit to all kind of level customers with a better purchasing environment. Al –Ikhsan trained their staff well in their product and technology as well to give a very good service to help customer. Their staff also must have a good knowledge about the product and to assist customer by giving the information about the product. Their concept as customer always right and provide value added service like assistance in purchasing.

AL- Ikhsan products are quality and up to date product. They also launch new schemes time to time like customer cards, free items on purchasing. For their valued customer, they provide voucher services worth RM50. This voucher enable customer to purchase their product at all Al-Ikhsan’s outlet and it also can be a present. Other than that,...
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