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How E-Business is important in today’s world and the role it plays in corporate decision making.

As part of our course we discuss the aspect technological required to support E-business as part of my first assignment.

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E-Business level 5

Student Name: Jalil Boughachiche


Electronic business (E-Business) is concerned with the use of the Internet to link companies with their suppliers, customers and other trading partners. As a business concept evolved significantly since its introduction in 1997 by IBM and the rapid development of information technology (IT). E-Business first defined as the transformation of key business process through the use of the Internet technology. It later expand as secured flexible and integrated approach in order to offer various companies value through the combination of systems and procedures, and being able to manage the core business procedures with the use of the Internet technology. In the past 15 years E-Business has received increasing attention from academics and practitioners and become a very important business concept in world business. Those two definitions of E-Business both refer to using the Internet to link with customers, suppliers, and their associate partners. However the term also implies the transformation of exiting business processes into more efficient ones. Information, communication, technology, computer and Internet reformed the nature of business operation and enhanced competitive business environment instantly. This advance technology has result evolution and innovation of many products, services and business processes. One of them is the emergence of e-business and e-commerce. The Internet had resulted the emergence of virtual market open and global and shared. Internet have activities such publishing corporate information, conducting and business transformation. The great feature of e-business is absence of intermediaries the manufactures are able to sell their products easier to buyers via Internet e-business is no longer a technological issue. In the past few years enterprises across the globe have experienced significant changes in their business enterprise resource planning, system but still struggle to get timely information that is needed to mike effective business decisions.

Definition of E-Business and E-Commerce

E-Business involve several key activities including improving business processes, enhancing communication and providing the means to carry out business transaction securely e-business part of Internet economy witch en encompasses all of the activities involved in using the Internet for commerce. Commerce constitutes the exchange of products and services between business group and individuals and can be seen as one of essential activities of any business. E-Business is buying and selling, servicing customers, collaborating with business partners and conducting electronic transactions within an organisation.


A comment activity associate with e-business is e-commerce witch can be described as using technology to conduct business transactions such as buying and selling goods and services. . E-commerce activities can be broke to deferent type:

* Business to business (B2D) transaction take place between companies * Business to consumers (B2C) companies sale products to consumers * Business to government (B2G) transaction take place between companies and public sector Consumer to consumer (C2C) transaction takes place between individuals. E-business process are usual quite simple in most instances is the buyer who dictate terms. E-business service involves: 1. Messaging internal and external e-mail

Marketing and stock availability checks
2. Online payment
3. Online ordering
4. Monitor orders progress

E-business strategy
a) E-business priorities
b) Business and revenue models
c) Market place restricting
d) Market and...
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