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Executive Summery In this case study i am critically evaluates all aspects of an Coles Pvt Ltd that engages i electronic commerce or electronic business and communicate these key issues though this report base on under mention topics. Brief introduction about Coles and infrastructure, current implementation of the internet in Coles group, description about an impact has made internet on this organization and also different business models which they use to improve their turn over and customer relationship. Identification of value chains and i am going to discuss some of the problems that specifically might encounter electronic supply chain management , identify suppliers, make payments, check availability of supplies, automatic reordering of supplies through shared systems, track order progress, collaborative demand planning and forecasting. I have mention about few implementations which regards to e procurement and activities. Different types of e-marketing method which coles use to compete with other retain giants such as Woolie , different techniques have been used in my selected organization and how electronic communication to differentiate products and services. Finally some of the change management issues that they have faced during past years.





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In 1985 G.J Coles, primarily a Melbourne-based supermarket chain, merged with Myer Ltd, an upmarket Melbourne department store, becoming Coles Myer Ltd. The merger was brought on by an expectation of significant cost savings from sharing services and overheads such as purchasing, warehousing, information technology and property. However these benefits never occurred. Coles Myer was burdened with poor management, bad strategic decisions, and internal conflict. Their share price was faltering, and lagging behind their biggest competitor Woolworths, and profit had been stagnant for three years. In September 2001 the board appointed John Fletcher as chief executive, well known for his part in turning Brambles into a successful international company. Fletcher’s first priority was to do something about Coles Myer’s share price, however he recognised that to be able to change it he must first deal with the company’s strategic and structural problems. This analysis of organisational design and effectiveness will discuss the issues experienced by Coles discussion of theories related to the these problems and possible solutions, an examination of what is being done, and what else could be done to improve the situation. The implementation of common ,centralised IT and processes throughout the Coles Group would play a significant role in their future success. Using common software and procedures will increase communication and coordination, and reduce organisational complexity. A centralised system is well suited to the Coles Group, and it will enhance control and monitoring; important processes in a machine bureaucracy. Leifer (1988) asserts that effective performance of centralised computer business information systems requires rules and policies that match the tasks of the machine bureaucracy organisation, supporting this statement. Moving to a centralised system would appear to be a significant change, however Rockart and Scott Morton (1984, cited in Leifer 1986 p 66.) believe implementing a centralised system in a machine bureaucracy requires few changes on part of the organisation”.




While online shopping in the grocery and liquor market represents only a small proportion of total food and drink sales in Australia it is growing significantly....

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