E-Bulletin Board System

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Chapter 3


These Chapters provide, the research described the method of the research used and data gathering procedure, instruments and data processing techniques. Also provide the Technical Background, Theoretical and Conceptual Framework that will be tackling in this chapter.

A. Technical Background

In this study the main propose of our system is to create a reliable Computer Based Record Remittance System. In which we enhance the searching and updating the remittance of the employees of the Columban College specially the former employees that requesting the record of their remittances.

The proposed system will use high level languages Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) for the system programming and for the style will be use Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) and for the records of remittances will be used database (SQL). It can search and update files of the remittances that will serve as the records. The records will be in the database that the administrator can view and can search, add, edit, and update.

The proposed system will use the software Microsoft Windows Apache Server MySQL PHP Pearl (WAMP); this software will be needed to run the system and to be able to use it. And this kind of software is more on security and will be able to secure all the files in the MySQL database, and it can be more reliable in the Administrator to use in the easy way just click and start and then the system is ready to use. The Operating System will be any Windows, the compatibility of the software WAMP is only the Windows Operating System.

B. Theoretical Framework

This section contains the theories used to serve as the proponents guide towards the possible completion of the study. This was to find out the distinction of the existing manual system.

Figure 1.1 Theoretical Framework by Carpenter Group LLC

The theory given...
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