Topics: Water, Hydrology, Irrigation Pages: 2 (607 words) Published: February 2, 2013
DROUGHT Mitigation through Ground water recharges techniques In Texas and other parts of world. Case study on Baluchistan largest part of Pakistan
Professor environment & Geology, Houston community college, Texas

Different aspects of drought have been discussed in this paper. Like how drought differs from other natural disasters. Different types of drought viz meteorological, agricultural, and hydrological have been defined. Rainfall pattern in history’s .worst drought in Texas whose effects are persistent to date .Texas La Nina, which is Mexican word for severe drought has effecting the economy of state ,the level s of Peace and making the live of local communities. Drought and it’s effect on Pakistan, Iran, south Asian countries and many other countries of world discussed in the Paper .The importance of drought early warning system and components needed to monitor , Different Techniques for Mitigation of drought like artificial ground water recharge through leaky dam ,water shed management ,water budget ,physical ,Tracer Techniques for ground water recharge have been Discussed. . The prevailing drought conditions have severely affected many parts of the worlds including South Asian Countries. Due to This drought billions of Dollars loss . Apart from monitoring losses, many lives were lost and problems like sea water intrusion and degradation of water quality have emerged. There are two basic approaches to mitigate the effects of droughts: (i) to store maximum water for its subsequent use in the period of drought; and (ii) to manage the existing water resources (both surface and groundwater) efficiently. The existing limited water resources during drought could be managed by: (i) effective mass media campaign; (ii) improving water application and water use efficiencies by adopting high efficiency irrigation systems and using proper irrigation scheduling; (iii) growing drought resistant low delta...
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