Dorset Family Matters Service An overview of the principles underlying this work with parents

Topics: Psychology, Parenting, Alfred Adler Pages: 1 (620 words) Published: October 21, 2014
An overview of the principles underlying this work with parents. The principles underlying our work with parents is based upon Individual (Adlerian) Psychology developed by Alfred Adler. Humanistic or client-centred psychology underpins the relationship between the facilitator and the parent (our client). Individual Psychology Some of the core concepts of this theory are All behaviour is goal directed which means that we behave in a certain way to meet specific goals. We are social beings, therefore our main goal is to belong. In order to understand behaviour we have to understand the effect of that behaviour on others especially important is the parent-child relationship. Thus cooperation is one of the corner stones of the philosophy. People, including children, behave according to their own subjective view of reality, and so to understand others we need empathy, the ability to see things from their point of view. This is termed private logic, which is the unique conviction we have about life, self and others and is influenced by genetic, cultural and family factors. The life style is formed through childhood experiences and involves the affective, cognitive and behavioural strategies we employ to reach out goal. Mutual respect is essential between people in a democracy and in a democratic family. Discipline is an essential part of parenting and self development. There is an emphasis on cognitive behavioural approaches to change, because if we choose our behaviour to meet certain goals we can change that behaviour if it no longer suits us. Our philosophy therefore is a very optimistic one. Parenting skills based upon these concepts are mostly regarded as positive parenting or cooperative discipline and often described as an authoritative approach. They include such methods as using logical consequences recognising goals of behaviour introducing family meetings teaching problem solving skills emphasising encouragement. It also includes communication skills...
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