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1. You have just finished a 25-page paper that you have written using Emacs.The file containing the paper is called /assignments/data_sources. After your instructor has briefly looked at the paper, she recommends that you change all instances of the reference “data is” to “data are” before you submit it.Which of the following commands can you use to locate these references in the file for a quick assessment of how much you have to change?

a. find - i 'data is' /assignments/data_sources
b. test /assignments/data_sources "data is"
c. grep "data is" /assignments/data_sources
d. scan -t data is /assignments/data_sources

2. You are interested in determining the number of words in your /assignments/ data_sources file mentioned in Question 1.Which of the following commands should you use?
a. wc -w /assignments/data_sources
b. wc -m /assignments/data_sources
c. counter /assignments/data_sources
d. counter -c /assignments/data_sources

3. Which of the following are examples of manipulation and transformation commands? (Choose all that apply.)
a. sed
b. pr
c. join
d. paste

4. Which of the following is true of the pipe operator? (Choose all that apply.) a. Only one pipe operator can be used on a single command line. b. It is used to perform division on the results of a numerical command operator. c. It is used instead of the colon (:) for entering multiple commands d. It redirects the output of one command to the input of another command.

5. Because the data was formatted the same in two inventory files, you decided to combine their contents into one file. Now you want to determine if there are duplicate entries on consecutive lines in the new file.Which of the following commands enables you to find the duplicate entries?

a. dup
b. pr
c. uniq
d. cat

6. Your friend is using the command comm entryfile, but is getting an error message. What is the problem? (Choose all that apply.)
a. entryfile contains only numbers, but the comm command must be used on a file with text.
b. It is necessary to use either the -m or -t option with the comm command. c. entryfile is too long, because the comm command can only be used on a file under 100 KB in size.
d. It is necessary to specify two files when you use the comm command.

7. Your boss is trying to import the customers file into her spreadsheet program, but the data goes into the spreadsheet incorrectly.This is because the fields are separated by dashes (-) and the spreadsheet program requires the fields to be separated by colons (:).Which of the following commands can you use to convert the customers file?

a. replace - : customers
b. tr "-" ":" < customers
c. sed %- %: > customers
d. cat -r -/: customers

8. How can you link multiple files to manipulate the data in those files? a. with a linker
b. with a project field
c. with a common or key field
d. with an operator entry

9. While in the Bash shell, you have written a simple script file and now want to execute the script.Which of the following commands enables you to run the script? a. sh
b. go
c. ex
d. !!

10. You are using the grep command, but it is only searching through files in your immediate home directory.What option enables you to search through subdirectories below your home directory?
a. -s
b. --sub
c. -c
d. -r

11. Your software has a bug in that it enables you to create a vendors file in which there are duplicate entries of vendors.Which of the following methods enables you to remove the duplicate vendors in this text file?

a. Sort the file and then use the comm command to remove the duplicates, inputting the result into the same file.
b. Sort the file in reverse order and then use the dump command to remove the duplicates.
c. Sort the file and then use the uniq command to remove the duplicates, inputting the result in a new file.
d. Reverse sort the file, use the join command, and output the results back into the vendors file.

12. Each time you list the files in your...
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