Dissertation Submission Check List

Topics: Scientific method, Research, Ho Chi Minh Pages: 7 (2087 words) Published: January 11, 2013
Format of submission file |
| * File format: .doc, .docx, .pdf (any of these 3)| | | * Name format: Dissertation – Full name of student – ID number of student – Name of the course Eg: Dissertation – Nguyen Van A – 77111111 – MAITF01SG * Module: Dissertation * Full name of student: Nguyen Van A * ID number of student: 77111111 * Name of the course (MAITF cohort 1 in Saigon): MAITF01SG | | Cover page|

| * Format of cover page should be the standardized in term of fulfilling information due to your university (i.e. Leeds Metropolitan University or University of Gloucestershire) | | | * Students have to fulfill these given information in cover page:Eg: * Name of university: Leeds Metropolitan University * Name of faculty: Faculty of Business and Law * Name of dissertation: DISSERTATION ON… * Name of student: BY NGUYEN VAN A * Student ID: 77111111 * Dissertation Supervisor: TODD ENDRESS * For University of Gloucestershire’s students only: “PRESENTED AS PART OF THE REQUIREMENT FOR THE AWARD OF MBA DEGREE WITHIN THE POST GRADUATE MODULAR SCHEME AT UNIVERSITY OF GLOUCESTERSHIRE” * Location – Year: Ho Chi Minh - 2011| | Statement of Originality and Authenticity|

| * You have to write something like this (the meaning should be equal but the words can be altered):This dissertation is an original and authentic piece of work by myself. I have fully acknowledged and referenced all material incorporated form secondary sources. It has not, in whole or part, been presented elsewhere for assessmentI have read the Examination Regulations and I am aware of the potential consequences of any breach of them.Ho Chi Minh, 5th February, 2011(Signature) ....Nguyen Van A – 77111111 – MAITF01SGWord count: 18,000 words (exclusively References and Appendices)| | Acknowledgement|

| * You have to write something like this (the meaning should be equal but the words can be altered): * I would like to thank to my dissertation supervisor, my research method lecturer (and my wife, my family, Academy of Finance…) for… * Ho Chi Minh, 5th February, 2011 * (Signature) … * Nguyen Van A – 77111111 – MAITF01SG| | Table of Contents|

| * Your Table of Contents should be designed and structured like this: (Recommendation of fully academic dissertation table of contents)(Note that the ORDER and the NAME of these RED parts may be ALTERED in term of your university’s /supervisor’s requirements)Statement of originality and authenticity/ Declaration (compulsory)iAcknowledgements (normal format)iiTable of contents (compulsory)iii Lists of figures (if needed)vList of tables (if needed)viAbbreviation (if needed)viiiAbstract (compulsory)ixCHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION (compulsory)11.1. RESEARCH BACKGROUND (compulsory)11.2. OVERAL RESEARCH AIM AND INDIVIDUAL OBJECTIVES (compulsory)11.3. RESEARCH QUESTIONS (compulsory but could be placed in CHAPTER 3 instead due to your supervisor’s requirement)21.4. SIGNIFICANCE OF STUDY (compulsory)31.5. OUTLINE STRUCTURE (compulsory)51.6. RESEARCH LIMITATIONS (if needed)5CHAPTER 2: LITERATURE REVIEW (depends on your topic to design this flexibly)52.1. INTRODUCTION 52.2. DEFINITIONS/CONCEPTS… (if needed)62.2.1. Definitions of… (if needed)62.2.2. Classification of… (just example - if needed)102.2.3. Motives of… (if need)112.3. THEORIES (if needed)132.3.1. Agency theories (just example – if needed)132.3.2. Theory X and Theory Y (just example – if needed)132.4. MODEL (if needed)142.4.1. SWOT analysis (just example – if needed)14 2.4.2. The Porter’s Diamond model analysis (just example – if needed)142.5. REVIEW OF PREVIOUS (RELEVANT/INVOLVING) STUDIES AROUND THE WORLD AND VIETNAM182.6. SUMMARY OF CHAPTER (if needed)20CHAPTER 3: RESEARCH METHODOLOGY (compulsory)233.1. INTRODUCTION 233.2. RESEARCH STRATEGY (compulsory)243.3. RESEARCH PARADIGM AND...

References: * According to Bryman and Bell, 2007 (p.101)…
* … said Bryman and Bell (2007, p.101)
* Following Bryman and Bell’s work in 2007…
* … (Bryman and Bell, 2007, p.101)
* As analyzed by Bryman and Bell, 2007, Hollesen, 2010, Arnold, 2007…
* Role theory applied to the behaviour of individuals in teams was first elaborated on by Belbin (1996) who suggested that…
* It has been stated that this disease occurs most frequently in women of child bearing age (Women’s health issues, 2006)
* Johnson and others (2008) highlighted some potential problems with user generated content
* Johnson et al. (2008) highlighted some…
* Smith (1998), Brown (2001) and Jones (2004) all believed that…
* Several independent pieces of research have been undertaken (Smith 1998; Brown 2001; Jones 2004) indicating that…
* Morgan (2001a) gives a useful description of this process as…[followed later in the same assignment by]
* Morgan (2001b) points out the paradox inherent in trying to achieve this; she acknowledges that…
* Smith (2001, quoted in Jones, 2004, p.63) gives an excellent précis of different research philosophies
Here are some examples:
Smith (2001, quoted in Jones, 2004, p.63):
Smith, R. (2001) How to research. Research Weekly, 12 (8) October, pp.17-20. Quoted in: Jones, F. (2004) Researching your dissertation. Research Today, 4 (6) March, pp.61-67
Bowlby, J. (1951) Maternal care and mental health. Monograph Series, no. 2. Geneva, World Health Organization.
Davies, H. and others (2002) Studying science. 4th ed. London, Moss.
Morris, B. (2004) Program evaluation. 3rd ed. London, Hadlow.
Spencer, J. ed. (2007) School management and finance: opportunities and problems. Financial Education Series, 23. London, Ford Publishers.
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